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Stevie Brown, 10.29.12

Q: How do you feel after yesterday's win?
A: I feel good. It was a tough win, but we were able to persevere and get the win.

Q: What was the flight like last night?
A: It was pretty relaxed. Everybody was kind of tired, but at the same time everybody was happy. Everybody was more worried about how bad the turbulence was going to be, but for the most part, it was a good plane ride.

Q: How bad was the turbulence?
A: It wasn't all... My definition of bad could be a little bit more than others. I don't really like flying like that so as soon as the plane starts shaking, I get a little uneasy.

Q: How confident is the team heading into the second half of the season?
A: I definitely feel confident in this team. Every single week, I feel like we can win. Everybody trusts the coaches and the game plan they put together and everybody trusts in the person next to them that they're going to be able to perform. So with that, I feel very confident in this team.

Q: Have you always been a player who had a nose for the ball?
A: I'd like to think I have been. My college stats didn't really show it, but even when I was in high school... That's how I started off getting recruited because, as a sophomore, I had 10 interceptions. It's just something I've always been able to do.

Q: How does it feel to have made an impact on this Giants defense?
A: It's been everything I've been working for. Even though I was on other teams, I made different types of impacts, whether it was just special teams-wise, getting a few snaps here and there. But to actually contribute on defense as much as I have, it's definitely been the goal that I've been working for since I've been in the league.

Q: Does it keep you humbled since you've been in so many close games and you still have a 6-2 record?
A: Yes and no. You can definitely look at it as if something didn't go right then we could have lost the game, but we really don't try to focus on that. We got the win and at the end of the day, that's all that matters. We won and we won. We come back in on Monday and we'll see the film. We'll get corrected what we need to get corrected and then we'll go from there.

Q: What do you guys have to do to keep the ball rolling?
A: We've got to keep working. We've got to stick with the fundamentals that have got us to 6-2 and we've got to just keep coming out every game with the hunger that we still have something to prove and that we're trying to get better every single week and trying to win and if we continue to do that, we should be fine.

Q: How long have you been waiting for the opportunity to contribute on defense?
A: Ever since I got into the league. ...that's exactly how I felt. I had a little opportunity to play when I was in Oakland. I was able to do a little bit out there. I didn't really play that much in Indy other than special teams and then that's how it started off here. Since I've been in there, I've been trying to make the most of my opportunities.

Q: Has the wait been difficult at times?
A: Yeah, especially when I was in Indy. One of the starters got hurt when I came in and I just kind of felt like I went straight into special teams and didn't really even get to play defense. Whenever you're just looking out there and your team is not winning and you're just kind of sitting around and you know you feel like you can contribute. That was one of those times where I was just like I wish I was out there. I wish I was able to contribute and see if I can do something, but other than that it's the nature of the business.

Q: What's it like sitting around waiting for a hurricane to hit.
A: It's not fun. I'll tell you that. I'm from the Midwest. We don't have hurricanes, so this is all new to me. I have friends in the city and one of them is from Miami and she was like, ‘This is nothing, Stevie. Don't even worry.' I'm just like I don't know. This isn't what I like.

Q: You lead the league in takeaways. How good does that make you feel?
A: It feels good. It means I'm doing my job. It's definitely a great feeling. It's not something I'm too satisfied with. You've got to continue to improve, but to hear that just definitely means I'm doing my job.

Q: When you guys landed, was there any applause for the pilot?
A: I think everybody was just tired and trying to get home. There wasn't too many people clapping or anything. It was just moreso we passed the first stop, now let's just get into our cars so we can get to our house.

Q: Have you had any talks with Antrel with the number of interceptions that you've had this year?

A: No. 'Trel is always like, ‘Good stuff. Keep it up.' That's all he says. Kenny (Phillips) is the same way. Kenny keeps telling me to do the same thing and he was telling me that I need to be a master of my craft in the post because I seem to be back there a lot, so he just keeps telling me every week just to make sure on your stuff in the posts, your breaks. They're both real supportive and both really happy for me.

Q: How has it been with Kenny? Have you been surprised with the relationship you've had with Kenny over the past couple of weeks?
A: Not at all. I'm not surprised. He was even like that whenever I was backing him up. He would always do anything he could to help me and talk to me about anything. So for him to just see me play and him still helping me out, it's kind of like him helping me out, coaching me up and helping me look for things when I'm on the field. He definitely has an impact on the way I'm playing because he helps me out. He's a professional. He's not about to hate or talk bad about someone else on their game just because he's not able to play right now. He understands the concept of a team and he understands that he's not able to go right now, so he's just helping me out along the way.