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New York Giants' news and notes: Ahmad Bradshaw, and more


Good morning, New York Giants' fans! Here is your Saturday morning notebook.

Let's start today with Giants' running Ahmad Bradshaw, who said Friday that his foot injury is a bone bruise that limits how much he can do.

"It may take a while. You keep pounding, and it just keeps coming back," Bradshaw said.

Now, a few notes from Friday's transcripts.

Stevie Brown: [Full transcript]

Q: What is the biggest change in responsibility now that you're a starter?
A: Just whenever you're on the field, now that I'm actually playing on defense, the other ten guys on the field are counting on me. Before it was just special teams, but now my special teams' role is still there and the ten other guys on the field have to count on me.

David Wilson: [Full transcript]

Q: Do you have special teams goals that you've now set since you're doing so much on kick returns?
A: Yeah, just to get better each time and try to get one in the end zone. I've been close a lot of times, so that's the main thing now. I think that's the next step is to get in the end zone. If I do pretty well on these kick returns, I possibly could make the Pro Bowl if I get some in the end zone. So that's the main thing. You're good at it and you're right in the midst of it, so to get one or two in the end zone and then three is like almost guaranteed. So I'm trying to make the Pro Bowl in that way would be a goal.

Osi Umenyiora: [Full transcript]

Q: Could you address how well Romo played the first game and how has he played since?
A: He's a great quarterback. Obviously, he did some good things against us that day that he might not have done in the past, but he's played well against us before, too. That wasn't the first time. Since then, obviously his receivers have dropped some balls and sometimes they bounced off the receivers' hands, which has caused them to have more turnovers than he's accustomed to. It hasn't all been him. I think he's still a very good quarterback.

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