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Stevie Brown, 10.26.12

Q: Once you began starting, did you feel teams were targeting you a little bit?
A: Probably. I've never felt like much has come at me, like purposely come at me. Definitely trying to see if I was going to make the right read and be in the right spots, very probably.

Q: Do you feel you've passed those tests?
A: Yeah. I'd say I've done my job. I haven't caused the team any harm. As long as I don't do that, I feel like I'm doing my job.

Q: How did you choose the Giants?

A: I liked it here. When I came out on my visit, it was a good opportunity. Sitting upstairs talking to everybody up in management, talking to the coaches, a few players that I talked to when I came through, everybody seemed genuine and everybody had each other's back. Everyone had one goal, and that was to win. That's why I wanted to come here.

Q: Where else did you look?
A: I just came from Cincinnati probably the week before. They had extended me an offer. I had a few other teams talking to me, but I signed before I left here.

Q: Dallas at all?
A: No.

Q: Do you think Dallas has some of the best offensive weapons that you've seen this year?
A: Yeah, they definitely do have a lot of good receivers. It will a different passing attack coming at us. It's a different type of attack than Washington brought us. Washington, you had to be keyed in on the runs and everything, and with this, they have so many options you have to be able to see everything on the field.

Q: What is the biggest change in responsibility now that you're a starter?
A: Just whenever you're on the field, now that I'm actually playing on defense, the other ten guys on the field are counting on me. Before it was just special teams, but now my special teams' role is still there and the ten other guys on the field have to count on me.

Q: You're doing the same thing on special teams that you were doing before?
A: I'm not doing as much as I was doing, but I'm still doing some.

Q: Kick or punt?
A: Kick coverage.