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David Wilson, 10.26.12

Q: Did you have any special teams goals going into the season or were they all on the offensive side of the ball?
A: I had one thing on there... a 20-yard play each game.

Q: Do you have special teams goals that you've now set since you're doing so much on kick returns?
A: Yeah, just to get better each time and try to get one in the end zone. I've been close a lot of times, so that's the main thing now. I think that's the next step is to get in the end zone. If I do pretty well on these kick returns, I possibly could make the Pro Bowl if I get some in the end zone. So that's the main thing. You're good at it and you're right in the midst of it, so to get one or two in the end zone and then three is like almost guaranteed. So I'm trying to make the Pro Bowl in that way would be a goal.

Q: What does it mean to have the role of kick returner?
A: It's a good feeling because you can be the spark to the offense. Most times after a good return, the offense brings on the score. So going out there catching the kickoff and trying to give them good field position or trying to score, it's a spark for the whole team.

Q: There were a couple of times when it looked like you wanted to bring the ball out and then they told you to down it.
A: It's a smart decision because with me catching it, I can't see how deep I am. He can see it better than I can, so it's his decision and mine, but my best decision is to listen to him.