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Osi Umenyiora, 10.26.12

Q: Do you get up for the Cowboys more than other games?
A: I get up for every game. I think as a professional you have to. This is definitely a division game, so it seems the intensity is picked up a little bit. But for me personally, no, I prepare for everybody the same.

Q: How has the Cowboys offensive line changed since the first game?

A: Same thing. They've only given up eight or nine sacks. They haven't given up a lot, so I think the quarterback has done a very good job of getting rid of the ball quick and offensively, the two tackles are playing well.

Q: Could you address how well Romo played the first game and how has he played since?
A: He's a great quarterback. Obviously, he did some good things against us that day that he might not have done in the past, but he's played well against us before, too. That wasn't the first time. Since then, obviously his receivers have dropped some balls and sometimes they bounced off the receivers' hands, which has caused them to have more turnovers than he's accustomed to. It hasn't all been him. I think he's still a very good quarterback.

Q: How elusive is he?
A: Very, very slippery. He's a very slippery guy. He has this little spin move that he does when you get close to him and it seems like he sees the rush coming before we even know he's going to make a move. So we all have to just try our best to keep contain on him and I think we'll be better off if we're able to do that.

Q: Does anything change with DeMarco Murray out?
A: Felix is a good running back, too. He's physical. I don't think he's got his opportunity, but I think he's a very good player. Whoever's back there, we're going to have to prepare for them because they're going to try to run the ball for sure.

Q: How different of a team are you guys compared to opening night?
A: I think we're a better team for sure. I don't know if we're a different team, but I think we're a better team. I think we're coming together. All phases of the team are contributing better now than we were back then.

Q: What do you think about Chase Blackburn?
A: He's outstanding. He's been here for a while. He's a very smart, intelligent player. He gets everybody lined up the way they're supposed to and for a guy who came the way he came in last year and then playing as solid as he has since then, it's just a credit to him and the way that he prepares.