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Antrel Rolle, 10.25.12

Q: Talk about the impact of some of the young guys.
A: It's huge and it speaks volumes for our team and more importantly it lets you know that the backup guys are paying attention to detail. They're focused in meetings and when their number is called, they're going in there and playing very productive for us.

Q: What is the challenge of Tony Romo?
A: Tony Romo, he's an excellent quarterback, in my eyes. I don't think he gets the credit that he deserves. When I watch film on him each and every night, some of the throws he make... It just still stuns me. He's very, very accurate. He has a very quick release and more importantly, he has dangerous stars he can get the ball to, whether it's the running back, whether it's the tight end, whether it's the receivers.

Q: They seem like a wounded football team. Does that make them even more dangerous right now?
A: We've been wounded, so I don't think it made us any more dangerous and vice versa. I think those guys are coming to play. We're coming to play and may the best man win come Sunday.

Q: Does looking at the film from Game 1 bring out some memories that you want to try and change as you go back down to Dallas?
A: I remember that game quite well. I don't need the film to remember those games. It just wasn't a good game. I think the first half we came out pretty good and the second half, we just stunk up the whole entire second half. So we definitely need to change as a defensive unit and we will.

Q: Have you talked about the first game at all?
A: Absolutely. We talked about it. We have to learn from our mistakes. That's the only way we're going to get better. We go and view the film and correct where we went wrong and move on from there.

Q: Talk about the defense's ability to create turnovers to turn things around.
A: Turnovers are huge. No matter what team you're playing, turnovers are huge and it gives our offense another chance to do what they do best. We run an effective offense and put points on the board and a lot of times the team that wins the turnover battle wins the game. So that's what we practice and we preach here and try to create more turnovers whenever opportunities present themselves.