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Fantasy Football Pick 6 -- get in on the action

New York Giants' coach Tom Coughlin got into the confessional booth earlier this season following the team's loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Now, it's my turn.

I stink at Fantasy Football. Stink, stink, stink. I am, in the words of Charles Barkley, "tuuuurrrribull."

Last week, yours truly finished 40th out of 42 players in our weekly Big Blue View Pick 6 Fantasy Football challenge. 'Doolish' won with 79.6 points. I do, however, want to thank 'kanaanforever' and 'Fester McDougal' for keeping me out of last place.

I will, however, trudge on and continue to play each week. How come we only had 42 players last week? C'mon, guys! Get in the game! Go to SB Nation's Pick 6 page, pick your team and get in on the action. I have to admit that I can't call it 'fun,' considering how poorly I have done in recent weeks. But, at least I'm playing.