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Hakeem Nicks, 10.24.12

Q: Each time you've played in their stadium, you've had a really big game. Do you enjoy playing there?
A: Me personally, I always approach these games the same. Personally, I like playing in this stadium. I just do, I don't know what it is. It just seems like it's a big stage to play on. I love big stage games, so I look forward to playing every game, but that game, being that it's a rivalry and Dallas and New York, so it's always a big game.

Q: Did they have Carr or Claiborne on you during the first game?
A: I've seen both of them a little bit, but it was mainly... they had the rookie on me.

Q: What did you think of him?
A: I think he's a rookie.

Q: How do you look back at the game?
A: It was the first game. I was coming back from the foot surgery and trying to play it out, see how my foot was and I don't think it was anything that he did or nothing that they did. They came out and played hard. We're a better team than that first game, so I think we've just got to go out there and execute our plays and play great team ball, we'll be fine.

Q: How are the Giants a better team today?
A: The way we play together as one. Special teams, defense, offense; we all feed off each other. We play as one. Certain guys have evolved into their role a little bit more and we've got guys just ready to play at any given time.

Q: How much healthier are you?
A: I'm a lot healthier now, especially over the last couple of weeks. I finally feel like I finally got over the little hump. The last game, I feel like it broke me in a little bit more. First it was the foot and then the knee, today was a great practice for me. I feel like I got back to myself a little bit. I feel like I'm getting in and out of my routes and having that full confidence back, so I think it will be great week for me.

Q: Is this the first time since the knee that you felt that way?
A: Yeah. The first time since the knee because I broke the foot and then after the first game, then had that huge week the second week. Then the knee limited me since then, so I feel like my body is feeling good again. I feel like I can give it a great go.

Q: When you are feeling good, what are some of the things that you can do that you can't do so well when you're limited?
A: Stretch the field. Take it over the top. My run after the catch. Certain things like that.

Q: Do you feel like defenses have been aware of that?
A: Yeah. Dealing with the knee, my burst wasn't there. I couldn't really separate in my routes and then with the foot, trying to get in and out of my breaks fast.... It was just having to feel it out. Now I feel like I've been practicing on it last week. That was my first time all season having a full week of practice, so I think that kind of helped me and led up to the game. I look at the San Fran game and then look at the Redskins game, I ran a whole lot better than I did versus that game and I think each week will get a lot better.