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Corey Webster, 10.24.12

Q: How much was the hamstring injury affecting you the last few weeks?
A: We make no excuses. We always just go out there and try to get better every week. We don't point to injuries. Once we're out there, we're 110 percent playing. So we don't let it bother us. We just try to get healthy during the week and hopefully we can keep on doing that so we can be a better team at the end of the day.

Q: When a team might be without its top two running backs, do you expect it to be a busy day in the secondary?
A: We're not sure. We're going to go out there and try to impose our will on them and not let them run the ball. It doesn't matter who's back there at running back and we'll try to control the offense by not letting them get big plays down the field and hopefully that could help us get the win at the end of the day.

Q: After looking at the film from the first game, what did you see?
A: I'll say we learned from a lot of that stuff, whether it was a breakdown in communication or whether it was guys out of position, but I think we're a much better team than we were the first game of the season. So now we have to be cognizant of where their playmakers are at all times. 85, Ogletree, is a good guy that can make plays - we found that out the first game. So as long as we eliminate some of their big playmaking ability, I think we'll be OK.

Q: How are their playmakers different or how are they the same?
A: I just think the quarterback does a great job of getting them the ball and letting them make plays with it in open space. I think Ogletree is a good guy; he's a double move guy. He's a little more detailed and crisp in and out of his routes. I think Dez is a little more of a big play receiver type guy. He goes up and gets the ball at the highest point. They like throwing the deep balls and Miles Austin is the same way. He's a good deep ball guy, but he can work the slot and find the open zones. So in knowing all of those things, we have to be cognizant of where they're at and hopefully stay tight in coverage and we can't forget about the great tight end over there as well. We'll do the same thing knowing where he's at all the time and hopefully we can stop him from making big plays.

Q: There was a little bit of a scramble during that first game.
A: Yeah. We had this person up, that person up. But I think it's a little more settled now with who's going to be out there on the field, who's going to be helping. Those other guys are doing a great job with still preparing and making sure they keep their head in the game as well, but I just think it's a little more settled now, so the guys can go out and just play.

Q: During the first game, did you personally feel that you weren't as aggressive?
A: Yes. We weren't aggressive. We weren't putting our hands on them as a team. I didn't do it myself, but as a team, we were just kind of passive, kind of letting them dictate what they wanted to do to us and that's not how we've been successful around here.