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Tom Coughlin, 10.22.12

A: Good afternoon. I think the story of the game has to be told this way; probably the biggest thing was plus-two. Four turnovers in the second half, we turned it over twice ourselves, but they were huge. The fact that in the red zone they did not score, red or tight, and we were two for three in the green, and two for two in the tight green. That tells a little bit of the story, I think the other thing is they had seven penalties and we had three. We did play better defense in the second half, even if you just look at the turnovers themselves. Our turnover late put the game in great jeopardy, no doubt. To be able to come back like we did, with Eli (Manning) and Victor (Cruz), and to make the big play, was something.

Q: Do you appreciate a guy like Ahmad Bradshaw who is very "fiery" on the field?
A: Well, there's never been any question about Ahmad Bradshaw's toughness, his intensity level...he plays the game hard. You'd like to have everybody play as hard he plays, to be honest with you. He gives it everything he's got. You want people to recognize that fact, but sometimes you do have to control yourself and control your emotions, and he's working on it.

Q: Will you address it with him or is it just from the heat of the game?
A: It's been addressed.

Q: Can that be infectious to a team?
A: That's what we hope; in a positive way. Yes.

Q: Was the foot a factor in the number of carries he got?
A: No, I don't think so.

Q: He told us that he said to run the ball more, how do you respond to that?
A: That's not the problem. Is that the only question that we're going to have today? About Ahmad saying, ‘Good morning, Coach,' to me.

Q: Thoughts on the progression of the secondary through seven weeks:
A: Well, we gave up a lot of yards, but it was a different style again, a very different style. The threat of the run was always there. I think this was a relatively unique type of offensive team that we had to try and defend. I don't know necessarily if this can be classified; you can look at it, analyze from the course of 16 games and see where you are. We gave up some chunks, there's no doubt about it. Some big plays and we have work to do.

Q: Update on the injuries:
A: We'll see. We'll see how these guys come back. This is the first day and they're sore.

Q: Canty held up pretty well?
A: Chris did well.

Q: Expect to get Jacquian Williams or Kenny Phillips back this week?
A: We're going to see tomorrow, we'll see.

Q: Travis Beckum?
A: The decision probably will be made this week as to whether or not he'll be able to practice or not. I'm not going to say right now. I think they need another day in the training room just to give us a full assessment.

Q: Thoughts on Rueben Randle on kick return, and holding David Wilson back a few times:
A: He made pretty good choices, I thought. David does not want to be held in there at all, but in some circumstances, it is the smart move.

Q: Those are big decisions for a couple of rookies, you're comfortable with that?
A: I was.

Q: Twice (vs. Cleveland and yesterday) now the defense has talked about the impact of halftime adjustments. Have you seen the defense be able to pick it up in the second half all year?
A: That's the nature of the game. Pro football is about making adjustments, assessing what the opponent is doing and making adjustments during the course of the game as well as halftime, and hopefully coming out and doing a better job after those adjustments are made.

Q: How do you describe Eli Manning's ability to fight adversity (two interceptions)?
A: That's a very, very strong suit of his. He came right out, I walked up to him and said, ‘Ok, the next play is the most important play, forget that one.' I think he's already done that. He's already digested all of that and on to the next play and looks forward to it, actually looks forward to being in that kind of situation, which is a strong point.

Q: How do you account for how well you play on the road?
A: I thought we were home yesterday.

Q: In recent history, you've played well on the road:
A: We've done well on the road. We've played well on the road. It's all about preparation, but it's about the idea of all we've got is each other. Each man is responsible and accountable to another. The hostile environment, we've done a pretty good job with it. It would take me a long time to explain the whole typical deal, but that's mostly where I start from.

Q: Is it almost like survival in the NFC East?
A: Well, we've started out; we've got another divisional game this week, very important game to the Cowboys and to the Giants. It's the nature of this division. It doesn't get easy, it's tough. Each of these games is a battle. I was looking at the differential in our two losses, what, nine points? Each game is a battle; these divisional games are very exciting. You pinpoint each one of those. They do take a physical drain on you, but nevertheless, you have to come right back again.

Q: Do you think the NFC East a "different" division than most?
A: I do. I think the question of just the rivalries, the fact that these teams have been around for so long, playing each other for so long, has just built up tremendous tradition.

Q: What about the new players? Do they pick up on it?
A: Doesn't matter, they quickly get caught up from everyone around them about exactly what they're going into.

Q: Your young guys are learning?
A: They're getting there. They're getting there. They're starting to get it.

Q: How did Hakeem Nicks come out of the game?
A: I think he gets a little bit better each week. I think he's mentally better, but I don't know that he's always physically able to do the things he really wants to do or we want him to do. He seemed to come out of it okay.

Q: Martellus Bennett said he didn't play as well as last week in San Francisco despite having a season-high in receiving yards:
A: There's more to the game than that, though. I would say it's good of him to be hard on himself. I know he can be a better blocker. I think there's some things in the pass game that he could've done better.

Q: Were you surprised by the coverage that the Redskins showed on that touchdown to Cruz?
A: No, I wasn't, because they're in that situation. They had ear-marked the coverage based around number 80 and he was able to do something about it. I wasn't surprised by the coverage.

Q: Is there less prevent-defense these days?
A: I'm going to tell you right now, there's more time spent on that particular part of the game, which is incredible. If you want to talk about the spend a tremendous amount of time on two-minute, you spend a tremendous amount of time on four-minute. Those are the things in the old days where you just knew, there's going to be this coverage. Week-in and week-out you just recognized the personnel involved, but you thought you were going to get that type of thing. That's not the case today. As soon as that ball goes over the mid-field line, anything can happen.

Q: More time is spent on both sides of the ball?
A: You're asking me on the offensive side of the ball, but it's the same thing for defense. They're never going to let you comfortably know what they're going to do. There's always going to be changeups.

Q: Thoughts on Chase Blackburn forcing two key turnovers:
A: Plays hard, smart. Constant motion. You watch the guy play, he's always talking, moving, always making sure that he communicates with his teammates. Always trying to put people in the right spots, always coming up, it seems, in those situations where he can be a factor in a play even if it's as you say, not the original. He comes to try and make something happen to the ball which their team was very good at, too.

Q: There was speculation that Chase Blackburn could lose his spot to Mark Herzlich if he didn't have a great start to the season...Is he the kind of guy where it's just difficult to get him out of the lineup?
A: He's most difficult. His acumen is so sharp. He takes great pride in the communication part of it. Mark has learned a lot from Chase.

Q: Do you think Mark would be ready to start?
A: I think Mark will be a good middle backer going forward because he's learning from a good one.