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Robert Griffin III, 10.21.12

We definitely moved the ball. Rex told me in the locker room that there are certain games that you will be a part of that you should have won and lost. There are some games that you should have lost and you won. We feel like this is a game that we should have won that we lost.

Q: Can you talk about the swing in emotions for you throwing a touchdown pass and watching Eli Manning do what he did?
You feel like your defense is going to go out and shut them down and then something like that happens and you just have to move on. We went back out on the field. We still had a chance to go win the game and we didn't do that. Right now it's kind of hard to know what to think but you have to keep pushing forward and move on to next week.

Q: Eli Manning has the reputation of winning games late. How much do you appreciate the chance to do that yourself given the opportunity?

That's what we are here for. We're competitors. He did a good job leading his team here today. Hopefully, I will have many more chances to do that for my team. When the game is on the line you want the ball in your hands and you believe that you can do it. There wasn't a doubt in my mind that we would go win that game.
Q: What do you remember about the 4th down play that you extended and converted?
They went to a soft defense. We had a good play-call for that defense but everyone was extremely deep so I had no reads and I took off to the sideline just trying to give guys a chance to get open. I made (Jason) Pierre-Paul miss there and got it to Logan (Paulsen). It was a good job of everyone staying alive on the play and never giving up. Whether it's 4th down, 1st down, or anything, we had guys out there that were putting it on the line.

Q: You have done such a good job of taking care of the ball. Was it just on off-day today?

We had turnovers today and there are no excuses for that. Like I was telling guys in the locker room, we still had a chance to win the game and we were ahead at the end of the game even with those turnovers. If we can come back from that and continue to put points up on the board, it's going to be hard to be stopped.
Q: Can you take through the interception on the ball intended for Logan Paulsen?
It's just a miscommunication between me and Logan. Like I told him, I had the ball in my hands and shouldn't have thrown it. Once I pulled it back I should've moved on to my next read or just thrown the ball away. That's my fault. It's not his fault. I won't dish any blame.

Q: On the 4th down scramble you still seemed in control. Do you always feel in control in that setting?
You have to. Even though you don't know what's going to happen, you have some kind of feeling that something good is going to happen. That's the way I try to play. No matter what's called I always feel like it's going to work. If it doesn't work, we will make it work some way or another. It happened that way, it was a crazy play, but everything happens for a reason.

Q: How does Fred Davis being out for the season impact the offense and how did the other guys play today?
The guys that stepped up in his spot play extremely well. I thought it was great to see them step up in that situation but losing Fred is huge. He's a gamer. It shows up on game day. He plays extremely well. Not only does he catch the ball, he's great after the catch, but he's great run blocker. He's just a good guy to have out there on the field with you. It sucks for everybody involved in the situation including Fred. He will be missed.
Q: Has Santana Moss developed into a security blanket for you?
Santana is a guy who has seen it all and done it all so whenever you have a guy out there who can do those kinds of things you want to get the ball in his hands. You try not to force it to him because teams do know. I mean it is Santana Moss so if he's open I'm going to get it to him. If's he not then I'll just move on.

Q: How difficult of a throw was that on the touchdown pass to Santana Moss? What did you see on that play?
They went one high safety. We had a good play against that look but rarely do you throw a seam-route hot the way we did on that play. I saw one high safety, the safety rolled the other way, and I've got Santana Moss one-on-one against a rookie. I'm a rookie myself but you have to take advantage of that. I just want to give him a chance. He told me he appreciates that because a lot of people have said that they don't think he still has it. I, for one, have seen it. I think he still has it and he showed it right there.

Q: How tough was it after you scored your final touchdown and you almost think that you have the win?
I talked to the defense on the sideline and told them ‘let's end the game in regulation'. It didn't happen. It's not their fault. It's not anybody's fault, but once they scored I was ready to go back out there and lead another touchdown drive for us to win the game. That's just the kind of mindset you have to have. You can't be shocked or awed by anything that happens on the field. It's football and the ball can bounce different ways on every single play.

Q: How was it going up against the Giants pass rush?
The have an extremely good pass rush. I thought what we did kind of stalemated them for a long time. They didn't know what was coming at them. That's what our job is, to create confusion out there. In the second half they did get me a few times and they are talented guys. They have a talented defense so sometimes they will get us and sometimes we will get them. As long as we're getting them more than they're getting us it's fine.

Q: Do you enjoy plays like the 4th down play when it's like backyard football?
Yeah ,you can. I try to tell everyone that you worked through the play and then after the play and you have exhausted everything on the play then you can play backyard football. Just as long as guys stay alive we can do it that, but it's not like you run a play and go straight to backyard football as soon as the play is called. It doesn't work as well that way. I exhausted my progression, got outside, everyone stayed alive, and we made it work.

Q: Will your negative plays stay with you more than the positive plays that you made?
For me, I try to move on from those types of things. The interception was bad and then the fumble. Whenever you fumble the ball and it's sitting right there in front of you and you can't get to it, it kind of stinks. Like I said, you just move on from that because at the end of the day we made the play to put us ahead and we had a chance to win the game. You try not to weigh too heavily those things that happened earlier in the game because you still had a chance to make it happen.

Q: What can you say about the intensity in your first NFC East game?
It's great. It's a divisional game. All these guys have played each other a bunch and I got to get my first taste of that. It's extremely exciting to be here in New York and to have a chance and go out and win against the Giants. Every week we have a chance to win, we just have to make sure to come out with the W's.

Q: Are you feeling less and less like a rookie after all of these close games?
I try not to approach the game like I'm a rookie. I don't try to give myself excuses. I just don't approach it that way and the team doesn't look at me like a rookie, either. I'm their leader. I'm their quarterback so I can't go out there and say well if I make a mistake it's because I'm a rookie. I have to hold myself accountable for everything. I think that's why I'm able to go out and be successful.