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Eli Manning, 10.21.12

Q: Can you talk about your relationship with the receivers today leading up to the pass. It seemed like at times you were a little out of sync with your receivers, so what was it like to connect with Cruz?
A: It was a day where we had some big plays, we did some good things, and then a little off on a few. I hate turning the ball over in the fourth quarter with the interception and missing Hakeem on the right sideline with a chance to get a first down and run a bunch of clock off, if not the whole clock, and giving the ball back to Washington. That's something I've got to fix and I've got to get better and make sure I'm not putting us in that situation, and make the plays when they're there. But something we've been really good at over the years is the two-minute drive when the game's on the line and making plays when we need to make plays. A great route by Victor - great decision; I had good protection, I was able to put it up there and he ran under it to go get the touchdown. That was a huge play. Then our defense did a great job of getting turnovers all day and some key stops, so it was a big win today.

Q: Did you feel off today?
A: No. I thought I had some really good throws and I felt good. I felt like I was seeing things and they're a good defense - they had some different coverages where you had to hold the ball a little bit. They were getting pretty good pressure at times, so I didn't have all day to sit back there. I thought I made some good throws; missed a few that I've got to get back, so we've got to continue to work with our receivers and get back on the same page.

Q: How quickly did you see him turn the wrong way on that throw to Cruz?
A: I don't know if I saw him turn the wrong way. I saw what the coverage was - they were mixing it in, in the previous two-minute drive before halftime, they were playing ‘man' with a safety really tight, kind of doubling Victor on the outside trying to take away any outside breaking routes and we had a route where he had a seam route, where he ran right through that double-team where they were doubling him, and made a great decision and made a great play on the ball to catch it and then to not get tackled and go score the touchdown to give us the lead.

Q: Can you talk about the magic that you two have. It started last year and it reminded me of the big plays last year to end the game.
A: I think great credit to all our receivers. When we get into those circumstances, they're prepared for what defenses are going to come with, what their reactions are going to be, how their routes are going to change based off the defense and making those adjustments. We practice the two-minute drill a lot, every week on Thursdays against our defense, and it's competitive. I think Victor does a great job on some of his routes, making great decisions, being decisive, and giving us opportunities to make some big plays.

Q: Did you sense pressure up the middle on that one?
A: Yea, I had to throw it probably a little bit before I wanted to. I kind of threw it very early and just threw it high and deep; saw the coverage and was hoping Victor was going to see it the same way I was. I didn't see the ball get caught, I just kind of heard the cheer and thought that's probably a good sign and I got up in time to see him run in the endzone. It was a good feeling.

Q: Are you thinking touchdown in that situation when you're only down by three?
A: Well you think, "hey, we've got to get a field goal." I mean, that's the most important thing. When you're backed up like that you want to get some yardage, get in a good rhythm, move the ball. You've got three timeouts. You can throw the ball underneath and don't have to force the ball down the field, but as you get closer to the other side, if you've got that opportunity then you understand that you don't have to force things on third down if you get within field goal range. Your mindset does change a little based off time and distance but you always want to try and get a touchdown and win the game and not settle to go into overtime.

Q: JPP hit the Gangam Style after his sack. What did you think of the Gangam Style dance, did you know what it was?
A: No, I didn't know what it was. I just thought it was a sack dance. I'm always okay with guys celebrating - that means they're making plays - whether it's on offense or defense. If they want to celebrate, that means we're doing good things and that's alright by me.

Q: On the last pick, what did you see or not see?
A: That outside linebacker dropped right into the lane and had a little pressure up top so I just didn't see him drop. By the time I threw it he just snuck right into that window and made the play, so just a tough break.

Q: Typically you focus on the defense when you stand on the sideline, but did you get a chance to see RG3? If so, what did you think?
A: When I'm watching, I'm watching our defense and I'm rooting for our defense to play well and get stops and a lot of times get sacks and stop the run. So I'm rooting for them, but obviously he made some great plays, the fourth down scrambling around and finding the tight end on a big play and hitting the touchdown, made a great play. Obviously made some outstanding plays - running the ball and throwing it. Our defense did a good job containing him, though, and getting turnovers, and making some big stops.

Q: You're the least-touched quarterback in the league - the offensive line does a great job of keeping you clean, but you got sacked earlier. Was that you or what was happening?

A: Sometimes it happens. That's part of football and they had pretty good coverage so I couldn't get the ball out quickly. We had a pass that was going to be a little bit further down the field so I was holding it and it happens. That's part of football. It's been a few games since we've given up a sack, but it will happen during the course of a game.

Q: When the ball is in the air on that last throw, what are you thinking?
A: I think I was on the ground. I knew what the coverage was, I saw it pretty clearly so I was just hoping it was going to get completed. You hope you don't underthrow it or overthrow it, so just hoping it would be a completion. I knew it was going to be a big chunk of yardage, whether he scored or not. I wasn't sure how it would work out but by the time I got up and saw him running and obviously very excited because we had some struggles in that fourth quarter and throwing an interception and missing a throw. I needed to make a play and help out our team.