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Mike Shanahan, 10.21.12

A: That was a rough game. Any time you score with a couple minutes left in the game, feel like we got momentum going, they made some big plays; credit to them making some big plays when they had to. (We were) zero for two in the red zone scoring touchdowns, they were two for two. (We were) minus two in the turnover ratio; sometimes it's hard to win games when you make those types of mistakes, but I was pleased with the effort of our football team. I felt we played extremely hard. I thought it was a tough way to lose.

Q: Update on Fred Davis?
A: Yeah, Achilles. Right now, it's a tear, and he'll be out for the season.

Q: Is Eli Manning the best late-game quarterback in the NFL right now?
A: He sure proves it today. Great throw, double-covered, hit it right on the money.

Q: Thoughts on Robert Griffin III's ability to keep plays alive:
A: Fourth and ten to Paulsen was a great play. Not many people make that play. Then he has the presence to scramble to his right and get extra yardage. Great throw to Santana (Moss) there in the end zone, perfect, right on the money. He's come in, and worked extremely hard to be where he's at right now.

Q: Update on London Fletcher:
A: Right hamstring.

Q: What happened on the interception to Logan Paulsen, seems like he stopped his route?
A: You're going to have interceptions every once in a while. It was an interception. You have to fight through it. When you have three fumbles lost...we've been good. We've been tops in the NFL, or second coming into this game, so we've done a great job all year. Obviously we didn't do that today.

Q: Does Robert Griffin III just have to "feel" when to scramble on those passing plays?
A: Well you're flushed out of the pocket, buy a little time, give guys a chance to get open. He did a great job of spotting Logan at the last second. He made a great throw and Logan made a great catch.

Q: What happened on that last play to Cruz?
A: We had him double-teamed; two guys double teamed him on that play. Obviously Cruz did a great job of splitting the double-team.

Q: You had safety help over the top of Josh Wilson?
A: Two guys. Two guys on one receiver. That's what I meant. Two guys got one guy, our guys were focused on him, and he beat us.

Q: When you give the Giants the ball with that much time on the clock, are you still thinking that this a team that can beat us?
A: Not really. Obviously they have to go the distance, and you have a lot of respect for them, but you're hoping that you can play your best football for a minute and a half and they came up with a big play and made that catch. They went the distance, and really, credit to them, out-executing us.

Q: Fred Davis is out for the season?
A: Yeah, he blew his Achilles tendon. Out for the year.