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Michael Boley, 10.21.12

Q: The turnovers seemed to make the difference in the end.
A: Most definitely. They had a lot of success running and passing the ball, mostly running, throughout the early part of the game. But the turnovers in the second half definitely helped us and put the offense in some position that it took to get some scores out of it.

Q: Take us through the play on your fumble recovery.
A: Ran a dive and, all of a sudden, I see the ball at my feet. So I just fell on it.

Q: What was it like getting ready for the triple option like you're back in college?
A: It's tough. He was particular tough considering they came out and they threw a lot of different looks at us that we hadn't seen on film, we hadn't seen in previous weeks.

Q: You did a much better job stopping the run in the second half. What changed that made you more effective?
A: Halftime adjustments. The coaches came in and saw some things early on and made a few adjustments and it worked.

Q: Did you think the game was over after the Santana Moss touchdown?
A: We have the best quarterback in the league, it's never over. Obviously, we put our offense in a bad spot, but we know what Eli is capable of, so we weren't worried.

Q: Talk about the feeling of seeing Cruz scoring the game winning touchdown.
A: Just excited. I didn't see the coverage, but seeing him break behind everybody... I saw Eli throw the ball up and seeing him be able to catch and outrun everyone else. So it was an amazing feeling.