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Osi Umenyiora, 10.21.12

Q: Impressed?
A: By the Giants winning? Yes. It was a great win by the New York Football Giants and an awesome game.

Q: Is it easier to praise the quarterback when you win a game like that?
A: Let me tell you something, man. My guys are flat-out unbelievable. I'm not even going to lie. That's the best quarterback we've played this year, for sure. It's just unfortunate that he's a rookie, because he's going to be around here forever, doing stuff like that. That's just crazy.

Q: What was the difference for you guys in the second half? You finally got to him a few times.
A: We're champions, man. We had the opportunity to get to him. At first, they were running a lot of different things. That offense is just so difficult to defend against. Whenever we got a chance to really pin our ears back and go after him, we were able to do that. Our hats go off to them. That was a phenomenal effort by them, and by that quarterback.

Q: After he (Eli Manning) directs the scoring drive, and you see how much time is on the clock, how quickly had your thought shifted to; "Well, our guys put us in this situation?"
A: Eli's done this a million times before. Not a million, but something similar. We had all the faith and all the confidence in the world in him. We hate that we let it get like that, because we had the opportunity to slam the door shut. We didn't do that, but that's why Eli Manning is Eli Manning.

RE: The Redskins' successful 4th and 10 conversion in the fourth quarter:
A: He (Robert Griffin III) was rolling around, I think JPP almost had him. I was almost ready to hit him, but somebody came and knocked me clean out. He completed the ball and I just dropped my head. I knew the game wasn't over, I knew they still had to score. He made another impressive play, and it was just a heck of a game.

Q: This team had difficulty with the Redskins last year. Just the fact that you were actually able to win the game, what does that say?
A: Everybody is going to have difficulty with the Redskins. Everybody is going to have difficulty with them, especially now. We were able to win this game, which is the most important thing. We won a game in our division, which is something that we came into this game focused on. We were able to accomplish that.

Q: After he throws that go-ahead touchdown to (Redskins' WR Santana) Moss, you guys are on the brink of a third division loss. What was the feeling on the sideline?
A: We weren't even thinking about that. The fact that it would have been our third division loss never even crossed our minds. At that point, we just had to find a way to win. We were disappointed that we had let the team down at that point.

Q: Having been a part of a couple Super Bowl championship teams, you know what it takes to get there. You know the long seasons. How resilient and how important is today's victory?
A: Very. Very, very important. I don't know anything about a Super Bowl just yet. It's a long season. It was important to show that kind of toughness, and we've shown it a couple of times this year, already. This team will fight. It's a great feeling to know that even if on defense, we let the team down, we have an offense that can pick us back up.

Q: Is that the only way to combat against a guy who is going to make as many plays as RGIII, to force turnovers?
A: That's the only way. A top offense they're running. No one is going to stop them, completely. It's just going to be impossible. So, you just have to count on them making some mistakes. Eventually, they will.

Q: Your offense had some turnovers, but your defense was able to pick them up with a couple of turnovers.
A: That's a team. Sometimes, we make mistakes. Sometimes, they make mistakes. As long as we focus and help each other out, I think we'll be all right.