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New York Giants: Where the Scouts Are October 20th


Here's another edition of where the scouts are, last week I missed where Chris Steuber posted it on his site (, though apparently he did. Last week the Giants scouts attended Arizona State @ Colorado, Navy @ Central Michigan and Stanford @ Norte Dame.

This week, Steuber finally started getting it out on twitter though I saw this an hour into the week's first game here is where Steuber is hearing the Giants are today.

The Giants are at the Kansas State @ West Virginia game.

If the Giants are interested in drafting defense in the early part of the draft they are not going to pay much attention to the Mountaineers!

In all seriousness, the player I'm most interested from a New York Giants perspective is the talented Kansas State linebacker Arthur Brown. Brown is a very nice prospect who plays a lot of inside linebacker for Kansas State. He has plus instincts and makes a lot of plays. He's a sure tackler, though he might be undersized for the Giants. I like him a lot as a player.

The Giants are also attending the Stanford and California game.

This is a great game for prospects that intrigue me for the Giants.

The Cardinal have a couple of tight ends: Levine Toilolo and Zach Ertz who should both be at least day two picks that could interest the Giants if they are unable or unwilling to retain Martellus Bennet after the season. Toilolo has terrific size at 6'8 and 265 pounds and is a good athlete. Toilolo is considered better than Coby Fleener by many.

The Cardinal also have two linebackers I really like Shayne Skov and Chase Thomas. Thomas is considered more of a 34 OLB, but the way the Giants use their outside linebackers I think he's a definite possibility. Thomas is a guy with a terrific motor and some length. A really good pass rusher.

Linebacker Shayne Skov is very talented as well, but has had his far share of issues (injury, "character concerns") so he might not be on the Giants radar early in the draft, but I'm sure he'll be considered if he falls into day three.

Could the Giants consider Running back Stepfan Taylor to pair with David Wilson for the future? I sure wouldn't hate that. He's a tough, physical runner.

I'm going to cut this short and get it up live because the list came out late, I'm watching the game mentioned below, and I have to get ready for my son's birthday party in a few hours.

The Giants will also be at these three games. Hopefully some of our draft fanatics can fill you in on these game details.

Nebraska at Northwestern

Utah at Oregon State

Penn State @ Iowa

If you're going to watch a game today, and you aren't already, check out the LSU @ Texas A and M Game. This game is loaded with prospects.

For the LSU Tigers the Giants could be interested in (among others), Defensive ends Sam Montgomery and Brakevious Mingo. DT Bennie Logan. Safety Eric Reid, and LB Kevin Minter.

Texas A and M have two terrific tackles in Jake Matthews and Luke Joeckel. They also have a terrific defensive end Damnotre Moore who is playing himself into the first round conversation.