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Farley's Football Fodder: Open Up Your Wallet for Tebowing

Farley's Football Fodder talks about Tebow, bounties, Andy Reid and the other NFL things you don't really care about.

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Greetings fellow NFL fans. It's Week 7 already, and the season is humming along in all its mediocrity. We're going to have a lot of 4-3 and 3-4 teams after this week, so at least there's that. Meanwhile, here are some thoughts to get you ready for this weekend's games....

Seriously Tim Tebow? You freaking trademarked Tebowing? What does that even mean? If one of us Tebows, we have to send Timmy a check? Too many questions here, not enough answers, and I apologize for that. I'm just baffled by this in equal parts awe and suppressed laughter.

Here is a pretty good take on parity, and check out this bit from the article:

the parity in the NFL is more evident than ever. And that makes picking games a pretty brutal proposition. Take the Patriots, for example. They're .500 with three wins by an average of 18 points. But their three losses have come by a total of just four points. And this kind of thing is happening all over the league, with teams picking crazy times to tank - crazy as in, just when you thought it was safe to pick them to win.


It should surprise no one that Ray Lewis thinks he will play again. And I'm not telling him he can't.

It's nice that someone pointed out how Eli Manning was able to sit in a lounge chair and sip a cocktail while handing the ball off to Ahmad Bradshaw and David Wilson last Sunday in the fourth quarter. Of course, I was nervous (and I know all of you were) right up until victory formation. You just never know. By the way, suddenly our trio of Bradshaw, Wilson and Andre Brown--if healthy--has me more excited than Bradshaw-Brandon Jacobs-Derrick Ward. How about you guys?

By the way, Joe Buck is uber annoying. Thankfully I think he's doing baseball for the next couple of Sundays.

Seriously, this bounty thing is STILL going on and being appealed? Hey Vilma, go deliver newspapers or flip burgers or something. Just get out of my freaking NFL news stream.

Mike Holmgren was canned in Cleveland the other day by the new owner. You know, I lived in Cleveland during the Art Modell moving the team to Baltimore thing. And I think they doomed themselves for the next two decades when they drafted Tim Couch in 1999 as their expansion team savior. I've just never seen a franchise make so many coaching and front office moves every two or three years, and still ALWAYS SUCK. It's sad and I feel bad for my Cleveland peeps.

This stuff is pretty funny from DJ Gallo, and yes, Andy Reid being on the hot seat is right there. Can we mention again how Michael Vick continues to cough the ball up with stunning regularity against teams not called the New York Giants? Last Sunday, two more picks, one more fumble. And by the time we play them again in Week 17, Vick will be on the bench and Reid will be eating a cheesesteak on his couch.

Mike Pereira says the league looks at officiating as a "necessary evil." I don't know if I agree or not, I keep getting distracted by the fact that you look like a mob boss and are going to whack me through my computer screen.

Do me a favor--try getting through this article about a "Nobel-Winning Idea to Fix the NFL Draft" and not start thinking about anything else, like what you're going to eat for lunch. If you're Andy Reid, you're going to....ah never mind, I don't wanna get cruel or anything.

Speaking of cruel, enjoy this shot of an NFL sideline reporter being smoked by a football. Well, maybe not smoked, it was more of a soft toss to the nose, but it's still funny.

Whoa--Barry Freaking Zito. Where did this guy come from? Good for him. Now, please let the Giants finish off the pesky Cardinals. They are almost as annoying as Joe Buck and Cris Collinsworth.