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New York Giants news and notes: Moving on edition

News and notes about the New York Giants from Big Blue View and other sources for this Tuesday morning.

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Good morning, New York Giants' fans! Here is today's notebook.

Running back Ahmad Bradshaw on the 0-2 start in the NFC East: [Full transcript]

"I'm not concerned about anything. We have a great team and we believe in each other and we've been down this road before and it's nothing we can't handle and it's nothing we're not prepared for. We played a great game, it's just how it ended and we didn't finish."

David Wilson on his success returning kickoffs: [Full transcript]

"The guys in front of me, they did an excellent job setting it up and getting on their guys and coach always says, ‘Get a good returner back there, guys get more motivated to block for him.' So hopefully we can keep it going.

"Kick return has always been my favorite part of the game. It's starting the game off and you get to put the offense in good field position or you can return it for a touchdown. It's just fun getting to use my speed because of course I've got open space and am able to run and that's a part of the game I enjoy a lot."

Eli Manning on the final sequence of plays against the Philadelphia Eagles: [Full transcript]

I think we go with the same approach. Obviously, you can try to run the ball there and do different things and kick a 44-yarder. Obviously, if you knew what was going to happen on that play, that's what you do, but I think I just could have thrown the ball differently. Probably just throw it back shoulder with the way the corner was playing, so you don't put Ramses in a situation where he is worried about the absolute worst thing that could happen is an interception. That's what you can't have occur. Then (it's) game over, you don't even have a shot. So I just could have put the ball in a better spot.

Ramses Barden on what he could have done differently: [Full transcript]

"Maybe do something different at the line of scrimmage. Maybe try to hold him inside longer, but once you're 20 yards down field ... If he's ahead of you or he's got inside position and the ball is kind of tracking him more than me, then I've got to find a way to not let him get it. So something on the front end maybe, but after that's it's he can't come down with the ball. So I'm not ashamed about that at all."

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Eli Manning Joins Mike Francesa After Giants’ Tough Loss To Eagles " CBS New York
"You leave that game feeling disappointed and frustrated. We had an opportunity. We got into field goal range and then obviously got out of range. I’m still proud of the way we fought to the very end," Manning said. - NFC East Spin cycle: Week Four
At the quarter pole, the Eagles, Giants and Redskins and Cowboys are all at .500 or better (with the Cowboys yet to play on Monday).

Tom Coughlin Goes Easy on Giants Quarterback Eli Manning for Mistake -
"We had options on either side of the field," Coughlin said of the ball that Manning foolishly put up for grabs on the sideline and near the goal line when all he needed was a few more yards, or none at all. "Eli decided to take the X receiver, and it didn’t work out. That wasn’t the only option."

But Coughlin would not come out and state for the record that Manning had chosen not only the wrong option, but the most illogical one imaginable, under the circumstances.