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New York Giants' roster power rankings: Rating the Giants from 1-53, Week 5

Rankings the players on the New York Giants' roster from 1-53.

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Here are this week's New York Giants' roster power rankings. If you haven't seen these before, each week we rank Giants' players from 1-53.

The results are cumulative and based mostly on this season's body of work. A player's past accomplishments are also weighed into their ranking, but the most important factor is the overall contribution to this season's Giants' team.

1. Eli Manning -- Not his best work Sunday night against the Eagles, but he is still the best and most important Giant. LW: 1

2. Victor Cruz -- Caught nine passes against the Eagles, abusing rookie Brandon Boykin. LW: 2

3. Jason Pierre-Paul -- Drops a slot this week. Cruz had a dominant game against the Eagles. JPP had a pedestrian one. LW: 2

4. Michael Boley -- Moves here by default, really. With Hakeem Nicks missing the last two games, and no one really stepping up as a dominant player, I don't know what else to do here. LW: 6

5. Antrel Rolle -- Not sure his performance really adds up to ranking him this high. Again, though, not sure what else to do here. LW: 7

6. Kenny Phillips -- He won't be around for a while, which means he will slide in our rankings. Let's see how much the Giants miss him. LW: 8

7. Hakeem Nicks -- As wonderful a player as he is, he has not been on the field for the past two games. I probably should be dropping him farther than this. LW: 4

8. Will Beatty -- Yes, Beatty had the one obvious holding call that was costly. But, he has played really well since returning to the starting lineup. He limited Philly's Trent Cole to two tackles, one hurry and no hits on Manning. Unless you count Cole's shot at Manning's legs after a handoff. Pro Football Focus grades Beatty at +7.8 for the season, the second-highest offensive grade on the Giants. LW: 9

9. Rocky Bernard -- I will say what I said last week. Yes, Rocky Bernard. Whatever issues the Giants had defensively against the Eagles they weren't the veteran tackle's fault. LW: 15

10. Chris Snee -- Maybe he isn't the absolute road grader he was 3-4 years ago, but Snee has played well. LW: 14

11. Sean Locklear -- Another solid week for Locklear at right tackle. Maybe it did not look pretty, but Eagles' pass rusher Jason Babin made one tackle Sunday and was officially credited with no hits on Manning. He also recorded the loowest PFF grade of any Philly defender at -3.5. Locklear has been a pleasant surprise. LW: 11

12. Ahmad Bradshaw -- The rushing numbers (13 carries, 39 yards) weren't impressive. He played 58 snaps against Philadelphia, though, as the coaching staff showed you just how important they believe he is. LW: 23

13. Linval Joseph -- He has been stout in the middle for the Giants' defense all season. LW: 16

14. Justin Tuck -- A better effort this week from the defensive captain, at least I thought so. He had four tackles and while the official stats from the NFL credit him with no hits on Michael Vick I am sure I saw hit around the quarterback. PFF credited Tuck with two hits and one hurry, which I believe to be more accurate than the official line. LW: 18

15. Lawrence Tynes -- Missed the game-winning 54-yarder and drops a couple of spots. But, the guy is now 11-for-12 and kicking the ball great. It was 54 yards, for crying out loud! LW: 13

16. Martellus Bennett -- A pretty quiet week for the big tight end. His only impact play was wiped out by a penalty. LW: 12

17. Chase Blackburn -- Continues to play better than most expected him to. LW: 25

18. Andre Brown -- The most volatile mover week-to-week in the rankings. The presence of Bradshaw, rightly or wrongly, relegated Brown to an afterthought in the Giants' offense Sunday night. His overall contribution thus far keeps him in the top 20 for now. LW: 5

19. Henry Hynoski -- The bruising fullback got his first real NFL carry Sunday. Hooray for Henry! LW: 19

20. Domenik Hixon -- Absolutely tremendous Sunday against the Eagles. LW: 36

21. Prince Amukamara -- Stepped up and played well Sunday, limiting Jeremy Maclin to one catch. LW: 26

22. David Baas -- I gave Baas a 'Wet Willie' Monday for his three bad shotgun snaps. Turns out that might be slightly unfair. The snaps were still awful, but Baas was playing with a bruised hand that made it difficult for the center to grip the ball.

23. David Wilson -- What a huge difference he made on kickoffs Sunday. Too bad the Giants could not take advantage.LW: 34

24. Corey Webster -- Pro Football Focus was about as unkind to Webster as it could have been in its assessment this week. PFF wrote: "Remember when Corey Webster (-1.8) was a legitimate quality cornerback? I ask because it's getting to the stage where I don't!" DeSean Jackson made Webster look helpless. LW: 10

25. Osi Umenyiora -- The Eagles took advantage of an undisciplined Umenyiora's mistakes on several occasions Sunday. LW: 24

26. Steve Weatherford -- Did not have his best game against the Eagles. LW: 27

27. Ramses Barden -- Tough not to drop him a little, even if you believe Manning did put him in an impossible situation Sunday night. LW: 23.

28. Kevin Boothe -- I have yet to re-watch the game, but I recall seeing defenders blow past Boothe. At -7.8, he shares the lowest PFF score of any Giants' offensive player with David Diehl. LW: 20

29. Jayron Hosley -- He didn't play. He will probably move back up, but he has to drop for now. LW: 17

30. Bear Pascoe -- Caught a touchdown pass against the Eagles. LW: 31

31. Jacquain Williams -- Playing just as much as Mathias Kiwanuka, and he has been more noticeable on the field. LW: 29

32. Mathias Kiwanuka -- I am really amazed to be putting Kiwanuka this low. He simply isn't playing that many snaps (only 27 against the Eagles) and he isn't making very many plays. LW: 30

33. Reuben Randle -- Still hand't made an impact as a receiver, though you get the feeling that time is coming. Has shown to be a reliable punt returner and a guy who has the potential to make some big players there. LW: 31

34. Stevie Brown -- Played very well against the Eagles subbing for Phillips. That is going to have to continue. LW: 40

35. Will Hill -- Played 36 snaps against Philadelphia, and the best thing I can say is I had no idea he played that much. LW: 44

36. Zak DeOssie -- This is more a circumstance of needing to move other people up, rather than DeOssie deserving to be moved down. LW: 28

37. Markus Kuhn -- LW: 37

38. Spencer Paysinger -- LW: 41

39. Da'Rel Scott -- LW: 39

40. Adrian Tracy -- LW: 43

41. David Diehl -- Inactive again with a knee injury. LW: 35

42. Keith Rivers -- Inactive again with a hamstring injury. I continue to say he is better than this, but he has to be healthy to show it. LW: 39

43. David Carr -- LW: 37

44. Justin Tryon -- Only two snaps against, the Eagles. LW: 46

45. Michael Coe -- Active, but did not play. Tryon moves ahead of him because he at least saw the field. LW: 45

46. James Brewer -- Active, but did not play. LW: 33

47. Jim Cordle -- LW: 44

48. Mark Herzlich -- LW: 49

49. Marvin Austin -- Awful in the half-dozen snaps he got Sunday. LW: 47

50. Mitch Petrus -- LW: 50

51. Jerrel Jernigan -- LW 51

52. Adrien Robinson -- LW: 52

53. Adewale Ojomo -- LW: 53