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Tom Coughlin, 10.18.12

Q: Update on Bradshaw:
A: He's limited.

Q: How did he look out there?
A: Limited.

Q: Do you expect him to take on a full load Sunday?

A: I do.

Q: Thoughts on the situation with David Diehl at tackle:
A: It's a continuous operation; he's getting more time practicing and feeling better about it. We'll see how it goes.

Q: The offensive line has been playing well. Is some of the thought process that you don't want to mess with what's working?
A: That's certainly part of it. We're trying to get the people that have been injured back to full health.

Q: Would you say Diehl is at full health at this point?

A: He's very close.

Q: Hakeem practiced two days in a row, is that situation almost behind you?
A: Well, he's limited, but he wants to be out here, he wants to work. He understands how important it is to him. We're watching that closely. Yesterday, he worked, and he felt good.

Q: Did the rest because of the knee injury help his foot as well?
A: I think so. The hypotheticals, I can't answer very well.

Q: Thoughts on the receivers in the blocking game:
A: That's the important part of how they recognize what the key concept is. Their job is to block just like everybody else. They're not always as effective as you'd like them to be, but their effort has been good.

Q: Thoughts on Prince Amukamara's development:
A: He's been looking better.

Q: Has he "played like a 1st round pick?"
A: I don't have any idea what that means. He's playing well. He played pretty well the other day and he's getting better each time out.

Q: If Ahmad Bradshaw is good to go Sunday, do you not want him to carry the ball 30 times?
A: Well, to have a little bit different distribution is fine, but when the hot hand comes in the fourth quarter, with eight minutes to go...He got a bunch of carries, and then David (Wilson) got some carries as well. I don't have any problem with that. That's just part of the business. He wants it. He has no desire not to be heavily involved.

Q: How much has Wilson helped himself?
A: A little bit every time. A little bit every day. Every day he works, he understands a little bit more, he does a little bit better job in pass protection, and when he gets his chance in the game, he comes through. That certainly helps.

Q: Looked like he was holding the ball very tight in San Francisco:
A: Very aware of ball security.

Q: How do you stay focused after a big game?
A: It's a new week. It's just a part of the veteran players helping the younger guys understand; each week is the most important game on your schedule. The next one... We had our time to enjoy the game from the other day when we were flying back, and then it's right back to work.

Q: Would you use Ahmad and Andre for a two-back rotation?
A: They'll all have chances. They'll all have chances.

Q: Thoughts on Chris Canty:
A: He actually practiced well yesterday and today. He's in very good condition.

Q: When will you make a decision on him?
A: Probably, definitely late in the week.

Q: Will he have to sell you?
A: He's been very good about it, very professional about it. He's gone about his business and hasn't said much at all.

Q: He's physically ready?
A: He's in very good shape. There was no swelling, there was nothing. Hopefully that's the way it will stay. The biggest challenge is you are not in training camp. You can't give the young man a training camp, you don't have one. He's got a week of practice, which is three hard days, but that's it.