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Ahmad Bradshaw, 10.18.12

Q: How is your foot?
A: I feel good. There's no setback and I'm ready to go.

Q: Is it from the same stress fracture?
A: No. I think I just got stepped on in the game and just hurt the bone a little bit, but I'm cool.

Q: Talk about the offensive line and the job they've been doing the last few weeks.
A: They've been fighting. We've been fighting together. They have been doing great. They've been getting a lot of movement up front. That's all we ask for is to create the holes and we try to find the holes and run through them. We have just been getting a lot of movement up front and that's what we asked for.

Q: Talk about the division game with the Redskins and how important that is.
A: We're 0-2 and that says it all. We have to win in the division just to get started. We're ready for this game. This is a big contest for us. We're just ready to go.

Q: Do the running backs take pride in keeping Eli clean?
A: That's what we worked on. That's what the meetings are for. We kind of see what the defenses are throwing at us, different blitzes or what not. We just kind of work hard on trying to notice it before it happens and we take pride. I love the contact, so I'm always willing to meet the linebackers in the hole and cut down the big guys, but we take pride in protecting Eli because he's a great quarterback and he can do a lot of things with great protection.

Q: How smart of a player is London Fletcher when you look at him on film and how much of a difference does it make when you go up against him?
A: As smart as he is, he keeps everybody on the defense smarter. They're just a very smart defense. They make plays behind the ball. They do a lot of zone schemes in their offense, so I'm sure they're used to a lot of that too in the running game. It just makes them better and with London being as smart as he is and reacting to just everything we do, I guess it's an extra step in his game to be prepared. As long as he's been in the game, he can recognize a lot.

Q: Do you ever marvel at the fact that you're able to keep going with all the injuries you've had?
A: It's toughness. It's just toughness. I feel like I can fight through a little bit of everything now with the stuff I've been through. I just feel like it's going to take a lot to bring me down. So a lot of hits here and there, it ain't going to do it.

Q: Where's that toughness come from?
A: Just from the heart, the love of the game. Just growing up that way.

Q: Are you up for the same kind of workload that you had the last two weeks?
A: Definitely, I'm always up for it. I take pride in it. Anytime I can try to carry this team as much as I can, I'll do it. If they want to put it on my back, I'll take it.