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Tom Coughlin or Bill Parcells? Best Giants' coach of modern era is ...

Who do you consider the best coach in the modern era of New York Giants' football -- Tom Coughlin or Bill Parcells?

Brad Penner-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Tom Coughlin passed Bill Parcells on Sunday to become the second-winningest coach in New York Giants' franchise history. Coughlin now has 78 victories as Giants' head man, while Parcells has 77.

Steve Owen is the all-time leader in victories with 153 having coached the Giants from 1930-1953. In the modern era of Giants' football, however, Parcells has long been considered the best coach the Giants have ever had.

Is it time to change that thinking? Has Coughlin now not only surpassed Parcells' victory total, but ascended to the throne of best Giants' coach ever in the Super Bowl era?

For long-time Giants' fans the emotional answer to this question may always be Parcells. There is always something special about being first, and it was the Big Tuna who coached the Giants when they emerged from the darkest period in franchise history to once again become a dominant NFL team. The first two Giants' Super Bowls were won under Parcells' direction.

Coughlin wasn't the first, but his era has been no less remarkable. Two Super Bowl titles, both in games the Giants, were not supposed to win. The Giants can frustrate under Coughlin, but the big picture is this may be the most consistently era in Giants' football since the 1950s.

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Bill Parcells by the numbers

Seasons as head coach: 8
Record: 77-49-1 (.611)
Playoffs: 8-3 (.727)
Super Bowl titles: 2
Division titles: 5

Tom Coughlin by the numbers

Seasons as head coach: 9
Record: 78-56 (.582)
Playoffs: 8-3 (.727)
Super Bowl titles: 2
Division titles: 4

I really don't know which guy I would take. Parcells was an emotional guy, more of a bully, a guy who loved to needle players and motivate by getting under their skin. He was also a bit of a gambler, a conservative offensive coach but one never afraid to roll the dice on fourth down.

Coughlin motivates players, but in a different way. It takes time for players to understand the league's oldest coach. He is all about preparation, all about doing things the right way, and it is his steely resolve to get things done no matter what that has filtered throughout the roster.

I am leaving this one up to you guys. Vote in the poll.