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New York Giants' news and notes: Quotes, and much more

New York Giants' news and notes for Tuesday morning.

Stephen Dunn - Getty Images

Good morning, New York Giants' fans! Your Tuesday morning notebook includes a couple of items from our transcripts, and a few links from around the Inter-Google.

Domenik Hixon: [Full transcript]

Q: Can you talk about how you adjust week in and week out to the different roles you're asked to play?
A: I just thank God for being able to be out there and play and just have fun with the guys and we try to prepare ourselves the best we can week in and week out for whatever role we're going to do. In the receiver room, we've got a tough room and we try to hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Q: Do you think the team can continue to fly under the radar after the win yesterday?
A: That's a good question. We'll see, but for some reason, every time we do something, someone finds a way to say that we could have done it better or a reason why we did win and it not being a legitimate win and we're fine with that. At the end of the day, we're out there to win ball games, I guess, not to steal a headline.

Michael Boley: [Full transcript]

Q: Did you feel like your team made a statement yesterday with that win?
A: Yes. I think we definitely made a statement as far as we are a physical team. A lot of people doubted us as far as what we were going to do against San Fran. They just came off of a 600-yard performance running the ball and passing the ball and so it was a lot of doubts as far as we've been up and down this year as a team. So there were a lot of doubts as far as were we going to be able to stop the run or if we were going to be able to run the ball? So I think we made a statement that this is a physical team that we're going to stop the run and we're going to run the ball and we did that yesterday.

Q: Did you also make a statement that this is a Giants team that won last year and is very capable of doing it this year?
A: There's no doubt. I think we feel that once we put everything together, offense, defense and special teams; that's something that is going to be tough for teams to beat us. We kind of put everything together yesterday and we showed that we're a team to be reckoned with.

Eli Manning On Sunday: ‘For The First Time This Year We Played To Our Full Potential’ " CBS New York

"(We) played great as a full unit," Manning said. "It was going to take a full team. Offense, defense and special teams all played really good football, and I think that was by far our best performance as a team … The team played the way we expect to play each week … I think, for the first time this year, (we) played to our full potential, and it’s good to find that rhythm and find that mark, and hopefully we can continue to do that these next weeks."

NFL Power Rankings, Week 7: Giants make a push for No. 1 - SB Nation New York
In the latest batch of NFL Power Rankings here at SB Nation New York we have quite the shake up at the top, with the New York Giants knocking on the door of the top spot.

NY Giants gearing up to prevent Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III from running all over them - NY Daily News
This is all Tom Coughlin has to do to get his players attention this week: pop in the DVD and cue it to just under three minutes left in the Redskins victory over the Vikings and spend 13 exhilarating seconds watching rookie quarterback RGIII slice through the defense and sprint 76 yards at Olympic speed for the clinching touchdown.

New York Giants reportedly have cars broken into -
Fresh from the high of a 23-3 domination of the rival San Francisco 49ers, some New York Giants players learned that their cars were burglarized back in an East Rutherford, N.J. parking lot, NBC-4 New York reported early Tuesday.