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New York Giants' roster power rankings: Rating the Giants from 1-53, Week 7

New York Giants' roster power rankings heading into Week 7 of the NFL season.

Jason O. Watson - Getty Images

Here are your New York Giants' roster power rankings heading into Week 7 of the NFL season. If you aren't familiar with these, we are ranking Giants' players from 1-53.

1. Eli Manning -- So what he only threw for 193 yards on Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers. It's about time the Giants won a game that didn't have to feature a bunch of Manning heroics. LW 1

2. Ahmad Bradshaw -- After gaining 316 yards and carrying the ball 57 times the past two weeks Bradshaw has to go here. The guy's production has been incredible, and his toughness is beyond question. LW: 3

3. Victor Cruz -- Targeted 13 times on Sunday and caught six passes. Only moves down a notch because Bradshaw, quite simply, has to move up. LW: 2

4. Will Beatty -- Dominating performance by the offensive line Sunday. Justin Smith had eight tackles for the 49ers on Sunday, but never even breathed on Manning. LW: 4

5. Jason Pierre-Paul -- Sunday was the first time in a while we have seen the All-Pro JPP. LW: 5

6. Antrel Rolle -- A pair of really nice interceptions that were game-changers. LW: 6

7. Linval Joseph -- Any question that, after Pierre-Paul, he is the Giants' best defensive lineman? LW: 9

8. Chris Snee -- Leaving him right where he was last week after a dominant performance by the offensive line. LW: 8

9. Martellus Bennett -- Obviously was not 100 percent Sunday, but was a huge part of the success running the football. LW: 7

10. Michael Boley -- Really he was barely noticed on Sunday. Had six tackles, though, and helped contain 49ers tight end Vernon Davis. LW: 12

11. Domenik Hixon -- The guy just keeps doing things nobody thought he could do after two torn ACLs. LW: 15

12. Hakeem Nicks -- Returned to the lineup, but he is obviously nowhere close to being 100 percent. LW: 14

13. Sean Locklear -- It will be very interesting to see if Tom Coughlin puts David Diehl back into the lineup despite how well Locklear has been performing. LW: 11

14. Rocky Bernard -- Sidelined for two straight weeks. LW: 10

15. Kenny Phillips -- He will slide further in the coming weeks, I think. LW: 13

16. David Baas -- I have to give Baas, and the entire line, props. LW: 18

17. Henry Hynoski -- I would like to move him up from here, but I really can't. LW: 18

18. Prince Amukamara -- I said last week I thought he and Corey Webster were even. I was wrong about that. LW: 24

19. David Wilson -- I don't care how many snaps the guy is playing on offense, he is impacting games when he touches the football. LW: 25

20. Lawrence Tynes -- Had a kick blocked, but he is having a great year. LW: 27

21. Osi Umenyiora -- Found himself in the backfield on a few occasions against the 49ers. LW: 22

22. Kevin Boothe -- Another excellent effort on Sunday. Moves down only because I probably had him too high a week ago. LW: 19

23. Chase Blackburn -- Five tackles for the middle linebacker on Sunday. LW: 21

24. Stevie Brown -- A quiet week for Kenny Phillips' replacement. LW: 22

25. Corey Webster -- Every week you expect to see the old Webster, and every week it doesn't really happen. LW: 24

26. Mathias Kiwanuka -- We have been wondering where he has been, and Sunday we found him. He was lining up all over the place, and finding his way into the San Francisco backfield a lot. LW: 34

27. Justin Tuck -- While the defense around him was having a party in the 49ers' backfield, Tuck did not register so much as an assisted tackle. LW: 16

28. Steve Weatherford -- I don't know where else to put him. LW: 28

29. Jayron Hosley -- Returned to the lineup, played 36 snaps and was barely noticed. And that is a good thing. LW: 37

30. Andre Brown -- Better get back next week against the Washington Redskins if he doesn't want to lose the backup running back role entirely to Wilson. LW: 29

31. Reuben Randle -- Only saw the field to return punts. LW: 26

32. Ramses Barden -- Nicks' presence kept him sidelined. Played only three snaps. LW: 31

33. Jacquain Williams -- Holding steady right around this spot. LW: 32

34. Spencer Paysinger -- Finding more of a role on defense (16 snaps Sunday), but no big impact yet. LW: 35

35. Bear Pascoe -- Drops only because other guys have to be moved up. LW: 30

36. David Diehl -- I feel like I want to put him higher, but it's tough to justify after 13 (albeit good) snaps. LW: 38

37. Adrian Tracy -- Played a significant role Sunday for the first time, and played well. LW: 43

38. Markus Kuhn -- Played 20 snaps, but got shut out on the stat sheet. LW: 33

39. Zak DeOssie -- He is moving down mostly because other guys have to get moved up. Ah, the disrespect life of a long-snapper. LW: 35

40. Justin Tryon -- No snaps on defense. Three tackles on special teams, including running Ted Ginn Jr. down from behind on a punt return to prevent a big play. LW: 41

41. Michael Coe -- Another DNP for Coe on defense. LW: 42

42. Marvin Austin -- Seven snaps on defense, but did nothing. He did have one crushing block on Wilson's 66-yard kickoff return. LW: 39

43. Keith Rivers -- Active Sunday, but had no impact on the game. LW: 49

44. Mark Herzlich -- No snaps on defense. No plays on special teams. LW: 40

45. Tyler Sash -- Made his debut on special teams. Had one tackle. LW: 53

46. David Carr -- He could have done what Eli Manning did in the fourth quarter, just handing the ball off over and over. LW: 45

47. Da'Rel Scott -- All that speed, but no way to wedge himself into this backfield. LW: 46

48. Jim Cordle -- Like last week, nothing to see here. LW: 47

49. Mitch Petrus -- Active this week, so he moves ahead of James Brewer. LW: 50

50. James Brewer -- Inactive this week. LW: 44

51. Jerrel Jernigan -- This team has so many receivers and returners he has no place. LW: 48

52. Adrien Robinson -- Inactive, as usual. LW: 51

53. Adewale Ojomo -- Inactive, as usual. LW: 52