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Michael Boley, 10.15.12

Q: How quickly will you turn the page after this win?
A: We'll turn the page very quickly. We know that at this point, we're behind in the division, so with the big division game coming up this week, it's kind of key for us to kind of put that behind us and look forward to move into the next game.

Q: Will Tom use the 0-2 start in the division to motivate you guys this week?
A: I don't think so. I don't think that's something that needs to be said. We all know where we stand in our division, so when it comes to that, I won't think that's one of the things that will be brought up. I think if anything, he'll bring up the fact that they've had our number recently the last couple of years.

Q: What was the key in slowing down Vernon Davis for you guys?
A: The key was throwing different looks at him and it really wasn't just him, it was pretty much us getting pressure on the quarterback. We knew going into the game that if we could stop their running game and get them out of their element, which is for them running the ball effectively and play action pass,... kind of eliminated what they wanted to do in the play action pass game. So I think that alone helped us control Vernon Davis a little bit.

Q: Did you feel like your team made a statement yesterday with that win?
A: Yes. I think we definitely made a statement as far as we are a physical team. A lot of people doubted us as far as what we were going to do against San Fran. They just came off of a 600-yard performance running the ball and passing the ball and so it was a lot of doubts as far as we've been up and down this year as a team. So there were a lot of doubts as far as were we going to be able to stop the run or if we were going to be able to run the ball? So I think we made a statement that this is a physical team that we're going to stop the run and we're going to run the ball and we did that yesterday.

Q: Did you also make a statement that this is a Giants team that won last year and is very capable of doing it this year?
A: There's no doubt. I think we feel that once we put everything together, offense, defense and special teams; that's something that is going to be tough for teams to beat us. We kind of put everything together yesterday and we showed that we're a team to be reckoned with.

Q: Was that the best defense you've played going back to last year's playoff run?
A: Yeah. So far this year, I would have to say that was our best defensive performance. Can we get better? Yes. There's still some room for improvement, but that was definitely our best performance this year, so far.

Q: Before yesterday, did you feel that you were not getting the respect, nationally, that defending Super Bowl Champions typically get and did yesterday change that?
A: As far as what everyone thinks on the outside, that's what they think. As far as we're concerned, it doesn't really matter if people give us the credit or not. If they want to keep doubting us, we're just going to keep winning.

Q: You used a lot of different defensive personnel packages yesterday. Was that specifically for the 49ers or will you use them going forward?
A: We didn't pull any tricks out of the bag. That was basically us stepping up and matching up with the personnel that they had in the game. We knew that, coming into the game, San Fran was a multi personnel offense. So for us on defense, it was all about matchups.

Q: How were you guys able to get the pass rush going?
A: Stopping the run. Once you get to the point where you just have to run down and get the team that's playing from behind, we knew they were going to have to throw the ball if they wanted a chance to get back in the game and doing that, getting the guys up front to actually just ... and just go.

Q: Do you see these upcoming divisional games as an opportunity to move ahead?
A: Most definitely. We know we're 4-2 right now, but for us to come in, starting with this week, and get a division win is a step closer for us to put ourselves in position to get to the postseason.

Q: What do you remember about walking out of the last year's game against Washington and was that a turning point in the season?
A: Disappointed. Knowing that we knew that we were a much better team than what we displayed that week. Coming out of that game it was very frustrating. Coming in that next week and sitting down and just talking amongst ourselves, players and coaches, we knew that was a point we needed to get things turned around. Whatever it was that we needed to do, we needed to do it then. There was nothing left to wait for. We needed to take that time and make sure we got the job done.

Q: Is there any danger of a letdown this week?
A: I'm not afraid of a letdown, we need to take what we did yesterday and make that carry over into this week's game. Don't have any letdowns; make sure that we pay attention to the details this week like we did last week.

Q: Thoughts on Adrian Tracy:
A: He did pretty well. They asked Adrian to step up this week and play a different than what he had the last couple weeks and he stepped up and played pretty well; hat off to him.

Q: After being limited with injuries in other games, how nice was it to play the full thing?

A: Very nice. Obviously as competitors we don't like to miss any time, especially me. Being able to bounce back from injury and play the whole game in such a big game was huge.

Q: Thoughts on Robert Griffin III:
A: I honestly haven't seen the highlights; all I saw was the score. I haven't really seen any highlights yet.

Q: Have you seen any highlights of him this season?
A: You know what; I don't really pay attention to it too much. From the few things that I've seen, few things that I've heard, he's having a pretty impressive year.

Q: Did you feel like everything was clicking yesterday?
A: Yeah, we gave up the long drive in the beginning of the game. We want to try and eliminate that. We wound up giving up drives, but standing up when we really needed to. Putting everything together was huge for us yesterday.

Q: Do you still need to improve your consistency?
A: Yeah, it has been uneven. For us, it's all about how we ended last year. Not to bring that up, but pretty much just find what works for us, find that niche, whatever we did one week, do everything we can throughout the week to carry that over.