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Farley's Football Fodder: A Weird Season Already Edition

Mike Farley brings up NFL news items and pokes holes in those items

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Good morning fellow NFL fans. Do you get the feeling we're living in an alternate universe in 2012 NFL-wise? Consider the NFL ref lockout and the outrage created by replacements; the bounty situation in New Orleans; and the threatening of the very fabric of our pastime by lawsuits related to head injuries from former players. But then there are the games themselves. The Seahawks won the Monday night game on a bad call, even after replay, by the scabs. But how were the Packers even only 5 points ahead of the Seahawks that late in the game? Easy--the Packers suddenly are not good, and appear to have suffered a hangover after our Giants mauled them in the playoffs last season.

But check this out--the NFC West has the Cards and Niners at 4-1 and the Rams and Seahawks at 3-2. What? The Vikings and Bears are 4-1 while the Packers are 2-3 and the Lions 1-3. What? The Falcons are 5-0 while the Bucs are 1-3, the Panthers and Saints each a paltry 1-4. The Patriots have a +52 point differential and are somehow just 3-2 while the Jets have a -34 point differential and are somehow 2-3 (thanks Joe Philbin). Tony Romo and Mike Vick turn the ball over with freak consistency--except when playing the Giants. The Colts absolutely stun the Packers and appear to be decent again. I could go on, but you get the point. Parity is one thing. Cosmic weirdness is another. At this point we may see a Seahawks--Dolphins Super Bowl. Okay, maybe not.

You know what the most frightening thing is about Lance Easley's article about "coming out" that he wanted to let everyone know he's okay? That he said he would welcome the opportunity to ref again. Yikes, did he really say that? The only good thing about Lance Easley is that he was a one-man wrecking crew to the lockout.

This article really puts an exclamation point on the Matt Cassel injury and being cheered by home fans last weekend. I was there, but left the game before that incident to catch a plane back to Madison. I can only say that with every bad play the Chiefs made on offense, the more the fans booed Cassel. I'm still a bit surprised at how they cheered his injury, but I agree that it's sickening.

The Jaguars host the 49ers in London next year. Get your tickets, boys! I think I'd rather poke my own eyes out.

Roger Goodell reduced some of the suspensions for the Bounty program, but barely, and he didn't touch the ones for Jonathan Vilma or the coaches. And if Goodell issues a fine to Reggie Wayne for showing support for his sick coach by violating the uniform code, he's really going to be elevated to douche status in my book.

JJ Watt may be grounded on a personal level, and understands that while football is a job, it's also a game. But is there any question that this guy is the AFC's version of JPP?

Seriously Mike Vick? Check this out--in his five games this season, Vick has a turnover line that reads like this--

vs. Cleveland--4 picks, 2 fumbles

vs. Baltimore--2 picks, 1 fumble

vs. Arizona--0 picks, 2 fumbles

vs. Giants--0 picks, 0 fumbles

vs. Steelers--0 picks, 3 fumbles

Do you get the feeling we got cheated out of at least two turnovers in that Week 4 game we lost by two points? Me thinks so. Man, I hate the Eagles.

The National Football post actually has the 49ers ahead of the undefeated Falcons in the power rankings. That's not as bad as putting that Ravens team I saw stink it up in KC last week fourth overall. Are you kidding me? By the way, I don't get the Joe Flacco hype at all. Do you guys?

I bet you guys are happy to know that RG3 has practised normally. You guys in Canada sure spell things funny, eh?

Crock pots are no longer marketed to just women. They have gone full-on testosterone with these NFL-logo tailgating units, perfect for chili or keeping hot dogs warm. I just gotta have one of these things.

Man, I hate the Cardinals. They pulled out another one of those never-say-die two-out miracle wins, and the workers at Nationals park actually had to wheel in the bubbly from one locker room to the other in the middle of the ninth inning. Please just go away, you pesky birds.

Sometimes you find music in the weirdest places. I was listening to talk radio online and this song was being played in the place of where commercials would be--Dr. Dog's "How Long Must I Wait." Freaking winning tune. Amazing too how I was able to type the lyrics into Google in real time, and buy the track on iTunes before it was even done playing on the radio show. Thank you, modern technology.

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the games tomorrow!