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Hakeem Nicks, 10.12.12

Q: What did you do today?
A: I practiced. I did the majority of the practice - about four or five reps a period. About what I would normally do on a Friday practice. I did good. I had coach watching me, asking how I looked, was I compensating or anything like that. I wasn't. So it looked good. I feel good about it. We'll see how I respond in the morning and then they'll let me know.

Q: You said yesterday that you want to see how you responded today. When you woke up today, did you say, ‘it feels pretty good?'
A: Yeah, it wasn't painful. I could say that. It wasn't painful. Initially in the morning, your body has to wake up. I think today was definitely not a setback. I can say that.

Q: Is it safe to say that you're cautiously optimistic you'll be able to play Sunday?
A: Yeah. I would like to see what the coaches are going to say, what they're going to say about it in the morning and what the trainers are going to say, but I think I've got a pretty good shot.