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Tom Coughlin, 10.12.12

Q: How is Hakeem feeling today?
A: He's alright. He did okay.

Q: He said today would be the deciding day. How do you guys feel about him being available this week?
A: We'll have to see how he is.

Q: Is it a decision that has to be made before he gets on the plane?
A: Maybe. Or, maybe not, too.

Q: When you guys travel across country with any injured player, is that a factor in determining whether or not he won't go, with a potential injury on-flight?
A: No. He'll be cared for on the flight. If there's a possibility, they travel.

Q: Corey had a setback with the hamstring?
A: No. He practiced yesterday. This is more of a precaution than anything else.

Q: This is the first time in four weeks that there's been the possibility of Nicks playing, on a Friday. How much of a boost would he be, if he were available in a critical game like this?
A: Well, naturally, big. That would be a huge asset for our team. But we'll have to wait and see.

Q: Is Rocky's injury something that, maybe, is longer? Or is it slow to heal, or what?
A: Well, it's a signinficant injury that just takes time. He's trying, he's working. But he's not to a point where he can stop and start and all that business. It takes time.

Q: In his absence, what have you seen from Markus Kuhn? What do you want to see from Marvin Austin?
A: Well, the two of them have got to be big factors in the game this weekend. Obviously, because of the run. So, they're going to have to play as well as they've ever played. Hopefully, they're prepared to do that.

Q: How is Hosley moving?
A: Pretty good.

Q: Would you say he's all the way back? Or still...
A: I wouldn't put any percentages on anything. I just say that he practiced, and he moved around a little bit.

Q: David Diehl will return Sunday?
A: We'll see.

Q: If Hosley could play, is he a possibility for that nickel corner spot?
A: If he can play.

Q: Does he have the ability to be able to defend bigger targets? Obviously, he's not a big, big guy himself.

A: Well, it's a little early to say that. I mean, you hope so. We don't know, there haven't been those kinds of match-ups for him. He's kind of been in and out. So, we'd have to wait and see.