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Jim Harbaugh takes offense to Kevin Gilbride's remarks

San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh took exception to comments Thursday by Giants' offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride.

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Remember when Buddy Ryan tried to punch Kevin Gilbride's lights out when the two were assistant coaches with the then-Houston Oilers many, many years ago? Well, it sounded today like San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh would like to join the 'punch Gilbride in the face' club.

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Harbaugh was apparently incensed by Gilbride's pre-emptive comment -- and blatant message to the officials for Sunday -- that 49ers defensive end Justin Smith "gets away with murder" grabbing and holding offensive linemen.

"Kevin Gilbride's outrageous, irrational statement regarding Justin Smith's play is, first, an absurd analogy," Harbaugh said.

"Second, it is an incendiary comment targeting one of the truly exemplary players in this league. It's obvious that the Giants coaching staff's sole purpose is to use their high visibility to both criticize and influence officiating."

Harbaugh, I'm sure, was right that Gilbride was sending a message to the officials.

If you missed it, here is what Gilbride said about Smith:

"Smith is a beast on the inside, he's strong, he does as good a job of grabbing a hold of offensive linemen and allowing those twists to take place. He never gets called for it so he gets away with murder."

Could we get some of this kind of action after Sunday's game?

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Gilbride's a little old for that stuff now, but you never know.