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Hakeem Nicks, 10.11.12

Q: Could you play in the game without practicing once?
A: That hasn't been determined. We're just focused on getting better right now. When that comes, we'll decide.

Q: Do you think you could?
A: I think I could compete whenever I'm called on. It isn't like I haven't been working off the field. I've been running as much as I can on the elliptical and the bike, pool work, whatever I can do, I've been doing. I'm not really worried about that part.

Q: Any pain or stiffness or lack of flexibility?
A: I'm not really trying to talk about injuries too much. My mentality is that I'm playing alright. We'll see tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a deciding factor, hopefully that answers all the questions I've been asking. Right now, I'm just going through the course and stuff like that. It's still a matter of me just getting back out there.

Q: With the stuff you've been able to do, do you feel rusty?
A: I really just went out there trying to see if I was showing any favoritism. I wasn't trying to see if I was catching every pass or anything like that. It was just a matter of if I was compensating. I felt pretty good today so it wasn't really up for me to decide. I need to go out there tomorrow, have a full practice. If I go through that, it'll be good.

Q: How anxious are you to see how the knee responds?
A: I'm ready to see. It's been three games and I'm ready to get back out there. I have to be patient, and patience is a virtue. I've been down this road before, it's not anything new. I need to get back right.

Q: Is the ankle still a problem or just the knee?
A: I'm just trying to get my body back right. I'm not going to go into any details with my injuries right now.

Q: Was last year's game with San Francisco one of the most physical games you've ever been a part of?
A: Probably so. The NFC Championship Game, it was. It was the most physical game of definitely last season. Defensive game, hard-hitting, the was a tough game.