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NFL Week 6 Predictions: Mikey's Crystal Ball

Mikey is back on track. How about you? How do you measure up to Mikey?

Al Bello - Getty Images

This past Sunday, I was at the Chiefs/Ravens game, and left before the fourth quarter started. That means I did not witness fans booing Matt Cassel being sprawled out on the turf with a concussion, but I certainly wouldn't have expected that from this group of fans. I mean, it wasn't Philly or Oakland. The KC fans are passionate, yes, but that was just a horrible thing to do, no matter how disappointed you are in your QB. Regardless, here is what I took away on Sunday--that was some bad football being played on both sides. It reminded me of that Giants/Redskins game in the '70's, when I think Joe Danelo kicked a field goal to win 12-9. Hey, the Internet is a cool thing--check it out!

Okay, enough of all that jibberish--let's pick the games....

Pittsburgh at Tennessee--The Titans are a Jim Schwartz dumbass OT decision away from being 0-5. So I cannot with a clear conscience pick them here. Steelers 20, Titans 10

Dallas at Baltimore--After watching the Ravens play on Sunday, I can't for the life of me figure out how they are 4-1. Make that 5-1. Ravens 23, Cowboys 19

St. Louis at Miami--Wait, the Rams are 3-2? Is that one of those alternate universe things? Well, considering that all three wins have come at home, me thinks the universe will even things out when Sam Bradford brings his talents to South Beach. Dolphins 13, Rams 9

Detroit at Philadelphia--Sorry Detroit, you had your shot. Now your team will suck again for 50 years. But it sure would be nice if you can ignore me and beat the Eagles on Sunday. Eagles 27, Lions 24

Cincinnati at Cleveland--The Browns looked really good for five minutes on Sunday, and since they are home and the Bengals are not the Giants and since they are hungrier for that first win, I'm on Cleveland this week. Browns 28, Bengals 27

Indianapolis at NY Jets--It's gonna be raining boos in the Meadowlands. Colts 23, Jets 20

Kansas City at Tampa Bay--You fans in KC that want Brady Quinn to play--be careful what you wish for. And when the Bucs line up in victory formation, you know what to do. Bucs 19, Chiefs 13

Oakland at Atlanta--Wouldn't it be hilarious? Yeah, it would, but it won't happen. Matt Ryan is actually a frontrunner for MVP, and I could not see that coming at all. Falcons 40, Raiders 17

New England at Seattle--This is surprisingly hard to pick, but I just can't pull the upset card here. Patriots 17, Seahawks 13

Buffalo at Arizona--I'm not sure the Bills can knock the Cards off in the house that Tyree built, where the Cards are surely not who I thought they were. Cardinals 24, Bills 20

Minnesota at Washington--So the Vikes and Bears are 4-1 while the Packers are 2-3. What year is this, anyway? Redskins 27, Vikings 25

NY Giants at San Francisco--The Niners are still bitter about the NFC title game, but trust me--they are going to be tight while the G-men will be loose. Mikey will be at a wedding at precisely game time, which kind of sucks, but maybe it'll keep my blood pressure down not being able to watch. Giants 21, Niners 17

Green Bay at Houston--This is when Rodgers and company wake the hell up. I think. Packers 30, Texans 27

Denver at San Diego--Ooooh, Jon Gruden gushing over Peyton Manning. Sign me up! Broncos 37, Chargers 31

Last week: 9-5

Season record: 44-33