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Victor Cruz, 10.10.12

Q: Are you looking forward to this game in San Francisco and seeing Brandon Jacobs and Mario Manningham?
A: Definitely looking forward to it. I miss those guys a little bit, haven't seen them in a while. I still send text messages to them every now and then; it's going to be cool to see those guys again.

Q: They may have some secrets about your offense:
A: They're probably spilling the beans over there, but it's expected. We, as an offense, have probably switched a few things up so they don't have a complete read on what we have going on.

Q: The 49ers are still mad at you guys, what do you expect from them?
A: It's going to be hostile, we know that. It's going to be a heart-felt game. It's going to be a knockdown-drag out fight. We're prepared for that. Prepared to match their physical play and go in there and be ready to go.

Q: Are they better this year?
A: Potentially. They have a lot of weapons over there, they have a lot of different people that can catch the ball and run the ball well, do reverses, things like that. We just have to be ready to handle everything they throw at us. They're going to throw everything at us as far as their offense goes. We just have to be prepared and ready to counter.

Q: What do you think about everyone picking San Francisco to win the Super Bowl?
A: Yeah, that's basically how it goes for us every year, nobody picks us to win and we always have our backs against the wall, which is, in a sense, how we like to play. That's fine with us.

Q: Do you think they believe that?
A: I don't know. I just worry about our team and how we feel and how we look at ourselves.

Q: Are you mad at Carlos Rogers for doing the salsa, which he says he will do again?
A: I couldn't care less.

Q: Talk about your first half against him in the Championship Game:
A: It was good. I was getting myself open and Eli was hitting me on a few catches. It was good to help my team out moving the ball in that first half.

Q: Did you have a chip on your shoulder in that game because of what happened in the first game?
A: I have a chip on my shoulder every game. That game, there was more incentive; there was more on the line. I always have a chip on my shoulder, but that game, it just so happened that I was getting myself open a lot and Eli was finding me.