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Justin Tuck, 10.10.12

Q: When a guy goes a long time without hitting a homerun, it starts playing on his mind a little bit. Does that happen with sacks?
A: No question. I think we all are kind of puzzled by the fact. It's not like we forgot how to rush the passer. We've been doing it all our lives. It's something strange, but we'll figure it out.

Q: What about you personally? Do you look at stats?
A: Do I lose sleep over the fact that I haven't been rushing the passer as I previously was? No, but I am watching film and trying to make sure that I'm doing everything on my part that when an opportunity presents itself that I am ready and in the right position.

Q: Are you confused at all by the fact that everybody seems to think San Francisco is going to kill you guys? It seems like you're the big underdog this game.
A: So? Who cares about that? I like the fact that we're underdogs. I think we've been in that role a lot. The fact of the matter is they're a good football team and they're playing well and I think if I was a betting man and didn't have anything to do with this team, I would probably pick them as favorites, too.

Q: What has changed about them from last year? Are they that much better than they were?
A: They're playing awesome, they're playing great and they, especially the last two weeks, definitely played together and playing all... their side of the football. Offense, special teams, defense and they're coaching staff has them guys playing at a very high level and everybody knows about their talents. We've definitely got to go up there and play one of our best games to have an opportunity to beat them, but we have talent in this room and we'll be ready to play and I think it's going to be a great game.

Q: What are the changes that they've made that make them more dangerous to you?
A: I think they've added, trick is not the right word, some scheming problems to complement what they did last year. They've got some things in there that look exactly one way and it's the complete opposite from what their play is supposed to look like. So I think their coaching staff has done a great a job of putting them in a scheme that can confuse defenses at times, but the biggest thing is just playing more physical. That's what they expect, that's what they know and the teams that have had success with them have done that. So that's going to be the main thing.

Q: When you have two former teammates from the offense going over to a team you're facing, how much can they benefit their new team as far as what the defense does?
A: I can only give you my personal advice about that. I think a lot of times when that happens, the new team is trying to figure out all these secrets and all that and they forget to do what they do and it hurts them. In our case, it's hurt us in those situations. So I hope the 49ers focus on what Mario and Jacobs know about our offense. I hope that's what they focus on.