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Eli Manning, 10.01.12

Q: In retrospect after watching the last pass play to Ramses, what were your other options?
A: I think we go with the same approach. Obviously, you can try to run the ball there and do different things and kick a 44-yarder. Obviously, if you knew what was going to happen on that play, that's what you do, but I think I just could have thrown the ball differently. Probably just throw it back shoulder with the way the corner was playing, so you don't put Ramses in a situation where he is worried about the absolute worst thing that could happen is an interception. That's what you can't have occur. Then (it's) game over, you don't even have a shot. So I just could have put the ball in a better spot.

Q: What were your options with 15 seconds left in the game?
A: It's risky and it all depends on what defense they're playing and you never know... You can try to get, obviously, something to the sidelines. They would probably take that away. They're going to play some sort of... probably a two-man technique where it's going to be tough to hit anything on the sidelines and they're going to probably tackle you in bounds and then it's just... You can say if you throw a little five or six yard pass, you could probably spike it, but you just don't know if that's available and you don't know what's going to happen. There's a lot of maybes in that situation. I think if you run another play, you risk the possibility of not having an opportunity to kick the field goal and win the game.

Q: Did you have a run option on the play to Ramses or was that totally a pass play?
A: That was a pass play called and you try to get closer. We're at the 26. Usually, when we do two-minute drives at practice, if we need a field goal, we say to get around the 17 yard line. If you're at the 25, 24 and clocks running out, you understand those circumstances or we talked about getting to the 17 and we always think to try to get as close as possible and if you can score a touchdown, you try to score a touchdown. That's the mentality that we have. You see a lot of teams get to the 30-yard line and then all of sudden get conservative and then you've got to kick a 48-yarder. Those aren't guaranteed as well and so you want to get as close as possible to try to insure the win.

Q: That has been the offensive philosophy ever since you've been here. There's obvious risks, but you guys have always been comfortable with those risks.
A: Yeah. We have confidence in our guys and our receivers and our offensive line that we are going to be able to make plays and if it was a circumstance where they were playing two safeties high and you had a chance to run the ball, maybe we would, but they weren't. They had a safety down right in the box. It was going to be tough to run the ball. You might get a yard or two, but it would be tough to get more than that unless someone breaks a tackle and that was the call, that was the play. We didn't execute as well as we needed to.

Q: Is this loss almost kind of unbelievable to you because you've been able to come from behind and win so many times?
A: Yeah, well that's why you don't always want to be in those situations. We have great confidence. I thought we fought hard, I thought we made some outstanding plays to get in position to win the game and obviously we had a mistake. We had a bad play occur that hurt us and that's football. That's part of it. Things like that, they happen and you learn from it and you move on. Yeah, it hurts because we've been good at those situations and it hurts, especially more when you know you kind of... Hey, we were in position to win the game. We were close enough in Lawrence's field goal range and then all of a sudden we weren't and that's what is frustrating.

Q: Are you worried about the 0-2 start in the division?
A: No. Hey, we're 2-2 right now. It's not the ideal situation, but you could be a lot worse. Philadelphia is 3-1, we're not far out. There's a lot of football to be played. We've still got four more divisional games. It's a lot of football left and we've got to worry about Cleveland and get back to winning and there's no point in getting down now. Everybody knows we're going to see Philadelphia again the last game of the regular season. I have a feeling that's going to be a big game for us.

Q: Are you seeing the consistency in the team or are you still searching for it?
A: No. We can be better. I think a couple of first halves, we haven't been real strong. I think in the second half of the four games we played, we really played pretty well. Philadelphia, I thought we moved the ball. We had opportunities, had a tough turnover in the red zone one time by me, but all the other times we had the ball, we moved the ball pretty well, had a couple of good drives getting touchdowns, getting in range to kick a field goal and those types of things. Dallas was kind of the same way. Fought hard at the very end, so I still like the way our team... In the two games we've lost, we gave ourselves opportunities. We fought back and scored and got the game into the fourth quarter and that's what you want. You want to have a shot. You want to have a chance to win games at the end and I think in our past, we've a lot of those games and we have confidence that we're going to continue to win those close games. It obviously didn't happen yesterday, but we still thought we did. A lot of the things that are a necessity to win those types of games, we went out there and did a lot of them, but we just didn't quite do it well enough.