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David Wilson, 10.01.12

Q: Were you sitting there saying that I can break any of these returns for a touchdown?
A: Yeah, like every return. Even the one I got tackled inside the 20. I made a cut and slipped and if you watch it on film, it was a long cutback lane I was trying to get to.

Q: It seems like this was your best returning week. Did you feel like things were clicking this week?
A: Yeah, I think the guys in front of me, they did an excellent job setting it up and getting on their guys and coach always says, ‘Get a good returner back there, guys get more motivated to block for him.' So hopefully we can keep it going.

Q: The one you were tackled on inside the 20, you also were pretty deep in the end zone. Do you have the green light to take it back out from wherever you are?
A: Yeah, five yards deep is the minimum, but the off returner is the one that tells me to stay in or come out.

Q: I assume you're not afraid to take it back from anywhere in the end zone.
A: If the off returner tells me to come on...

Q: Is Da'Rel the off returner?
A: Da'Rel Scott, yeah. As long as I catch it clean and I'm not off balance catching it or anything crazy, I just look for him for the signal after that and of course I've got to feel comfortable. I do have the option to take a knee if I want to.

Q: Do you see yourself excelling as the kick returner?
A: Well, kick return has always been my favorite part of the game. It's starting the game off and you get to put the offense in good field position or you can return it for a touchdown. It's just fun getting to use my speed because of course I've got open space and am able to run and that's a part of the game I enjoy a lot.