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Ahmad Bradshaw, 10.01.12

AB: There's a lot of different things we can correct and execute a little better, get in there and then it goes both ways. We played our butts off. We just didn't finish.

Q: You guys passed a lot more than you ran. Is that kind of how the game unfolded?
A: That was just the game plan, I guess. It could have been a couple of situations where we could have done different, but it's just how the game goes, how you feel, the feeling of the game and what the coaches feel like calling and how they feel the defense is playing.

Q: Did you want a few more opportunities to run the ball?

A: Definitely. I'm sure everybody has seen that and everybody wanted that if I was a Giants fan. They look at it now and think different about it, but the game went the way it went and we played fairly well. We just didn't finish.

Q: You didn't come away with any problems to your neck?
A: Yeah, I feel great. No problems.

Q: How did the first hit feel?
A: There wasn't a certain hit that was a problem. I felt great. I didn't have any problems.

Q: Late in the game, when you guys were in field goal range, did you think that was one of the opportunities where you might get to run?
A: I think it could have been or should have been a couple of reasons why we should have run. They boxed our bunch and... There were just a couple of different instances where we could have run and avoided the penalty at the end, got closer to the end zone to waste a little time and kick the field goal, but that's just how the game goes.

Q: Is that frustrating for you as a player?
A: It's frustrating to lose for me and however we can win is the best solution. I just want to win and that's it.

Q: Are you concerned about the 0-2 start in the division?
A: I'm not concerned about anything. We have a great team and we believe in each other and we've been down this road before and it's nothing we can't handle and it's nothing we're not prepared for. We played a great game, it's just how it ended and we didn't finish.

Q: What was the bus ride back?
A: It was a tough game and we slept.