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POLL: Pass to Ramses Barden -- right call or wrong call?

Did the New York Giants do the right thing at the end of Sunday night's game when they took a deep shot to Ramses Barden despite already being in range for a game-winning field-goal try?

Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Did the New York Giants get greedy on their final drive in Sunday night's 19-17 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles?

Having reached the Philadelphia 26-yard line with 25 seconds left the Giants were well within range for plackekicker Lawrence Tynes, a perfect 11-for-11 on the season up to that point. Rather than run the ball and play for the field goal, though, the Giants took a shot at the touchdown.

You know what happened next. Eagles' cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha blanketed Giants' wide receiver Ramses Barden, and Barden committed an obvious -- and maybe necessary -- offensive pass interference penalty that pushed the Giants back to the 36-yard line. After a third-down incompletion followed, the 10-yard penalty left Tynes with a 54-yard attempt rather than a 44-yard one.

Tynes' kick, which would have been the longest field goal of nine-year career, fell about two yards short. Tynes really had two tries from that distance. His first one was long enough but sailed wide left. He was able to try a second time because Eagles' coach Andy Reid called timeout just prior to the snap.

"It's tough, but you have to move on. It stinks, but it's a kick I can make and it's frustrating when you don't make it," Tynes said.

"There was a little bit of breeze in our face, but it's still a kick I can make. The first one had plenty on it. It was just a little left and then when I straightened it up ... I usually come through in those situations no matter how far it is, so to not do it, it's frustrating."

Back to the question, though. Should the Giants have taken a shot in the end zone in that situation, or should they simply have run the ball and made sure Tynes' game-winning attempt came from a more comfortable distance?

Giants' coach Tom Coughlin said in his post-game press conference that the Giants "tried to move it closer so that the field goal was a very makeable one."

"We tried what we thought were safe calls," Coughlin said. "The pass interference was one of those things. When you saw it happen you just shake your head because you're right back where you started from.

"The pass interference is the worst thing that could have happened."

Barden said "You can have no idea on how I feel about the play right now." For his part, Manning took blame for throwing the ball to the wrong spot.

"Looking back on it I had the corner up top and I should have tried to throw to Barden's back shoulder to keep it away from the corner," Manning said. "I would have rather not thrown it so far down the field to cause the pass interference."

Still, the question really is whether or not the Giants were right to take a deep shot in that situation or if they simply should have run the ball? Tynes, as previously mentioned, was 11-for-11 prior to the kick. He had made kicks of 47 and 49 yards the previous game against the Carolina Panthers.

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