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Giants Vs. Falcons, Pro Football Focus Review

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We have done it all season, so we might as well keep right on doing the weekly Pro Football Focus review of the Giants' performance, this time in the 24-2 thrashing of the Atlanta Falcons in a Wild-Card playoff game. I know none of this raeally matters -- only the 'W' is important, but let's go through it, anyway.


Eli Manning (+4.3)
Jake Ballard (+2.6)
Hakeem Nicks (+2.1)
Ahmad Bradshaw (+2.0)
Mario Manningham (+1.8)
Brandon Jacobs (+1.7)
David Diehl (+1.4) ... PFF notes that this is the first time Diehl has graded positively while playing tackle this season.
Danny Ware (-1.2)
Victor Cruz (-1.7)
Chris Snee (-3.7)
Kareem McKenzie (-5.6)


Justin Tuck (+3.2)
Chris Canty (+2.6)
Chase Blackburn (+1.9)
Corey Webster (+1.7)
Jason Pierre-Paul (+1.5)
Rocky Bernard (+1.5)
Jacquian Williams (+1.1)
Dave Tollefson (-1.6)

Here is PFF on the Giants' defense:

"The greatest parallel being drawn between the current Giants and their last Superbowl victory is the form of their defensive line at a crucial moment. The similarities are striking and that they were able to get contributions from as far down the depth chart as Rocky Bernard (+1.5) shows how dangerous this unit is."