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Giants 24, Falcons 2: Ahmad Bradshaw Post-Game Press Conference

This was the first time in a couple weeks that you guys had a real impact in the run game, what was the difference today?

Confidence, man. We feel good about our running game and we stick to it. Like I said, we keep running and keep pressuring. We are more comfortable and we play better ball.

There was a lot of running to the right side. Was there a particular reason for this?

It's just what they gave us. Eli reads it perfect, he's so smart and he puts us in the right position and we run away from the safeties and from a lot of the pressure. We were able to cut back a lot and we made a lot of plays today.

When you and Brandon (Jacobs) are running like this, how tough do you feel?

We feel as tough as any NFL team in the league.

How do you feel about the way the defense is playing?

The defense is really going out there and playing tough, they are making plays on the ball, getting pressure on the ball and playing strong and tough. We (the offense) just try to go out there and play as tough as our defense and like I said, we just keep running and keep going hard.

Are you looking forward to a rematch with Green Bay now?

Yeah. I can't wait to get there and play them. We've got to have a good week of practice and go up there and do what we've got to do.