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New York Giants Playoff Run Increasingly Taking On A Familiar Feel

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The question came up over and over in the week leading up to Sunday's New York Giants-Atlanta Falcons NFC Wild-Card Playoff game. Giants players and coaches were asked again and again if this season, and this team, reminded them of the Super-Bowl winning team of 2007.

Some players bit, saying it did. Coach Tom Coughlin and others wanted no part of that discussion.

Well, during Sunday's post-game press conferences and the entire week leading up to next Sunday's divisional round game at Lambeau Field against the Green Bay Packers that will likely be an often-asked question.

After what we saw Sunday, how can it not be?

Over the course of the past several weeks we have watched this Giants team do exactly what the eventual 2008 Super Bowl 42 championship team did. Turn around a season that looked like it was on the brink of falling apart, find a way to get into the playoffs and hit the post-season tournament playing its best football of the season.

This edition of the Giants did get to play a game at home, and took advantage with a dominating effort against the Falcons. The game wasn't close.

I know who the Giants are playing next week. I know the Giants will be heavy underdogs. I know who should win the game. Yet, after what you have seen the past few weeks it is hard not to think about 2007 and think the Giants have a chance.

  • The running game just churned out a season-best 172 yards, and over the past few weeks has once again become a Giants strength.
  • For three straight weeks the Giants defense has been stellar. The Giants stopped Atlanta twice on fourth down and less than one, and held the Falcons to four-for-17 on third and fourth-down combined.
  • Eli Manning was once again brilliant, going 23-for-32 for 277 yards and three touchdowns, a passer rating of 129.3.
  • That 2007 team also had to go to Lambeau in a game it was not supposed to win. And you know what happened that time.

The Giants are playing with house money at this point. Win or lose against the Packers it will be difficult for Giants fans not to feel extremely good about this season. It sure is beginning to feel a lot like 2007 around here, though, isn't it?

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