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Giants 7, Falcons 2: Second-Half Open Thread

Well, that was a little bit of a weird, frustrating first half. The New York Giants lead the Atlanta Falcons, 7-2, after the first two quarters of their NFC Wild-Card Playoff game, and neither team probably feels all that great about what they got done.

The Giants put together one good drive, a 13-play, 85-yard drive that ended in a four-yard touchdown pass from Eli Manning to Hakeem Nicks. Other than that drive, however, the Giants were manhandled at the line of scrimmage.

Defensively, though, the Giants have played well.

Manning is 10-of-14 for 60 yards, but he was harassed into a safety and pressured on nearly every drop back. Brandon Jacobs was the big difference-maker with seven carries for 48 yards, including a season-best 34-yard run and a conversion on fourth-and-one.

Matt Ryan is 13-of-19 for 96 yards for Atlanta, and Michael Turner has just 27 yards rushing on 10 carries.