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Giants Vs. Falcons -- The View From Atlanta

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Sitting around waiting for NFL Wild-Card Weekend to kick off? We gave you tons of links earlier today, but here is even more to keep you occupied. These are courtesy of our friends in Atlanta, who have been exceedingly nice to us this week but would still -- of course -- like to see their team KO the Giants on Sunday at MetLife Stadium.

The Falcoholic has taken a stab at a Giants-Falcons breakdown. That would be their version of the Scouting Report Sean posted earlier this week and position-by-position breakdowns you can find over at SB Nation New York.

SB Nation Atlanta is looking at the Giants offense vs. the Atlanta defense, and worrying about Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks. You can find all of SB Nation Atlanta's coverage in their StoryStream.

Still need more to read? Check out SB Nation's NFL Hub for coverage of all the playoff action, as well as other NFL news.