Thank you, from a Falcons fan

Hey guys, Turner_The_Burner from the Falcoholic here. I'm just writing this to say to you, the Big Blue View readership, a sincere thank you for stopping by our blog this week. The Falcons have faced many opponents whilst I've been a member of the Falcoholic, and not once has there been such good discussion and contribution en masse from the 'visiting' team and their fans. Massive respect for the BBV readership, especially seeing as it's a playoff week, at the way you guys came over, answered our questions, added to the discussion and just got on great with most people on the blog. We had two great threads going on each board, with the 'Ask the _____' threads, and there was just a lot of respect on both sides I feel.

Writing to say thank you, it has made my week as a Falcoholic that much better, and I now have a newfound respect for your team, blog and readership. It's safe to say that if the Giants progress after this week I'll be firmly rooting for them now, thanks to you guys. Here's wishing an injury free game and, just because we can't be neutral 100% of the time, Go Falcons!

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