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Coughlin 'Optimistic' Ballard Will Play, And Other Tidbits

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New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck did not practice today, but coach Tom Coughlin said Tuck was "just sore" and will be ready to go Sunday when the Giants face the Atlanta Falcons in an NFC Wild-Card Weekend playoff game at MetLife Stadium (1 p.m. ET/FOX).

Here are some other highlights from Coughlin's Friday press conference.

  • Coughlin said tight end Jake Ballard "seemed to have ended on an up note. He moved well today so I am very optimistic."
  • On comparisons to 2007: " I think every team is a different team. I think that comparisons deal with the circumstances on how you got there and what took place during the course of the season. I'm hoping that the fire and the momentum and the confidence and the way in which we played can be reflective of how it was in '07. For example, I'd like to not turn it over at all. That would be a great thing. There are comparisons, but this a different team and there's a lot of different people involved. But those that were with us then, they're very much anxious to have the type of playoff that it was be repeated."
  • On what he sensed from the players this week: "There is a very real sense about where we are and the consequences if you don't do well, play well and win."