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Giants Vs. Falcons: Hakeem Nicks Press Conference, 01.04.12

Q: Do you think the playoffs will be more of an offensive game because of the records broken this year offensively?
A: I think it is going to come down to who wants it more. Guys are going to have to step up and contribute the best way possible.

Q: Do you think it is on the passing game to carry the Giants through the playoffs?
A: I believe in our receiving corps and high flying offense right now. With Eli in charge, we can get the job done. Eli has been doing a great job of leading us so far this season so our confidence is in him and we know we can get the job done.

Q: How surprised are you that the offense has been able to produce with so little from the run game?
A: Eli is definitely having a strong season finding targets and spreading the ball around and guys have been stepping up making great plays for us in the offense. Victor Cruz is having a great season and we have to continue throughout the playoffs.

Q: What Eli game stands out in your mind from this season?
A: There have been numerous games but the Patriot game stands out when you come back to it because we came back. He drove us down the field and threw the winning touchdown to Jake Ballard

Q: Do you feel like you are going to be able to score on the Atlanta Falcons?
A: We feel like we can take advantage of certain situations that coach Gilbride can schematically put us up against. They are a good defense but there are plays out there to be made, we just have to take advantage of them when that play is called.

Q: Is there a sense of intensity around this team?
A: Definitely, I think some guys have stepped up tremendously defensively and offensively. The chemistry that guys have around the locker room, the older guys telling the younger guys like myself that these opportunities don't come too often so when they do come, you have to grab it and take advantage of them.

Q: Is this familiar to the 2007 run that they had?
A: They try not to dwell on the past a lot because this is the present but it comes up and they tell us to take advantage of the moment when it is at hand.