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Steve Spagnuolo Back To Giants Still A Possibility, Says

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Considering the New York Giants' late-season surge to the playoffs dumping defensive coordinator Perry Fewell and replacing him with former defensive coordinator and recently-deposed St. Louis Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo seems unlikely. It doesn't seem like the way the normally conservative Giants do business.

Still, Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network believes it as not out of the question. Lombardi said Spagnuolo is "extremely well-regarded" by the Giants.

"Had Andy Reid had Steve Spagnuolo available to him last year when he was searching for a defensive coordinator, that would have been a slam dunk," Lombardi said. "Many in Philadelphia think Steve Spagnuolo will go back there. … There will be major competition for Steve Spagnuolo."

Anything is possible, and I know folks around here would mostly jump for joy if this happened, but I wouldn't count on it. One thing, though, is that it appears Fewell's stock has taken a hit.

-- Giants pre-practice injury report