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New York Giants News And Notes: Super Tuesday Edition

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Good morning, New York Giants fans! It's a Super Tuesday as the Giants continue preparations to face the New England Patriots in the 2012 Super Bowl. Let's look around the Inter-Google and see what is going on.

Giants trip to Indy was business class | New York Daily News
"I wish we could have flown in at night with nobody knowing we were here, instead of having everybody cheer you on," Tuck said. "What for? Nobody wants to talk about (partying) before the Super Bowl. Everybody wants to talk about after it. If you leave this place being the winner of the 46th Super Bowl, then you can have as many parties, you can have as many pep rallies, you can do whatever you want to do after that. "Until that happens, I could care less for all the hoopla." news: Patriots' Ochocinco finally hits big stage, but as bit player
Chad Ochocinco was the last player off the Patriots' plane when the team arrived Sunday in preparation for Super Bowl XLVI. The wide receiver was alone, well behind everyone else -- a snapshot of his pecking order on a team he's surprisingly failed to enhance.

The busted trial of Ochocinco in New England has resulted in almost everything Chad -- the Ochocinco, the Brand, the Endorser, the Dancer With The Stars, the Football Career -- suffering.

"He was someone who was perceived as a great player who went to a good team with more visibility and became lesser in every category," said Marc Ganis, owner of Sportscorp, a consulting firm that helps gauge economic impact and viability of sports businesses. "He went from being one of the most visible players to relatively invisible.

Tom Brady, Eli Manning and Co. have one priority during buildup for Super Bowl XLVI - Jeff Diamond -
As soon as the Patriots and Giants left their locker rooms last Sunday with the conference championship trophies in hand, the madness of the Super Bowl was upon them. And so began the challenge for team execs and the head coaches to remind their players, coaches and staff of what's ahead.

Can Super Bowl XLVI live up to greatest Super Bowls of all-time? - Richard Rothschild -
Like an underachieving student who needs time to register academic success, the Super Bowl took a few decades before establishing itself as a sporting event that was as much about achievement as it was hype.

Peyton upstaging Brady-Eli Super Bowl rematch - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Peyton Manning is about to hijack the buildup to the Ultimate Game, thanks to the impending divorce between the icon and the franchise that happens to be hosting the spectacle.

Don’t even try to fight it: Even if Manning and Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay stop sniping at one other publicly for the next seven days, there’s too much conspicuous chest-puffing, too much intrigue and too many media folk in need of stories to avoid the inevitable.

Peyton was a bully to poor, lil Eli
"He’d pin me down and take his knuckles and knock on my chest and make me name the [10] schools in the SEC," Eli said. "I was 6 or 7 at the time, and I didn’t know them, so I quickly learned them.

‘It was a great learning technique, but I don’t suggest anyone [duplicate] that or try that out."

2012 Super Bowl, Giants Vs. Patriots: 2011 An 'Eye-Opening Experience' For Justin Tuck - SB Nation New York
"I want to be the leader this football team can always look to. I thought I had to do that only by what I do on the football field. Only sacks and tackles, things like that," Tuck said. "This has been an eye-opening experience for me knowing that leadership doesn’t necessarily have to do with how you play on the field, it has to do with what goes on behind closed doors and how you can motivate guys in other situations."

Super Bowl 2012: The Plight Of The Jets Fan - SB Nation New York

An inside look at the Patriots' red zone run game | National Football Post

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