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Ann Mara Injury Update: Wellington's Widow Heading To Indy

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You can take Ann Mara, 82-year-old widow of late New York Giants co-owner Wellington Mara off the Giants injury report. Broken shoulder and all, Mara says she will be in Indianapolis to watch the Giants face the New England Patriots in the 2012 Super Bowl this Sunday.

"If I had to crawl to Indianapolis I'd be there," Mara told by phone. "I have no intention of staying home. I'll be ready to go on the plane on Thursday."

Mara broke her shoulder in a fall suffered while at church the morning after the Giants defeated the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game.

Mara, of course, got lots of attention for confronting Terry Bradshaw of FOX during the championship celebration, berating him with a "hey, you never pick the Giants" jab.

Was there ever any real doubt?