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Super Bowl 2012 Facts And Figures

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Here are some Super Bowl XLVI facts and figures for you courtesy of the NFL's PR Department. Some of these we have likely already talked about, but I figured we would go ahead and put them in one place for your perusal.

- The 2012 Super Bowl will be the first in which quarterbacks who each have a Super Bowl MVP award will play against one another. New England's Tom Brady is one of only four players to win it multiple times, with Joe Montana (three times) Terry Bradshaw and Bart Starr.

- This will be the third quarterback rematch in Super Bowl history. You will like the way the other two turned out, which is shown below:

- During the 2011 regular season, Brady passed for 5,235 yards and Manning had 4,933 passing yards. The duo combined for 10,168 passing yards, which would be the most ever by opposing starting quarterbacks in a Super Bowl. Brady and Manning combined for 8,142 passing yards in 2007, which would rank fourth all-time.

- The Giants (9-7) - who defeated Atlanta (10-6), Green Bay (15-1) and San Francisco (13-3) - are only the second team to reach the Super Bowl via playoff victories over three opponents with a better regular-season record than its own (Arizona, 2008).

- Head coach Bill Belichick and QB Brady are headed to their fifth Super Bowl together, the most ever by a head coach and starting quarterback combination. The duo had previously been tied with Pro Football Hall of Famers Tom Landry-Roger Staubach(Dallas), Chuck Noll-Bradshaw (Pittsburgh) and Marv Levy-Jim Kelly (Buffalo).