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Game Ball Week 17 Vote

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Hey you can pick one ore more of the Giants' players and coaches to receive the Game Ball for Sunday's NFC East-clinching win over the Cowboys, and you almost certainly wouldn't be wrong with your choice. But as always, there were a few performances a bit more worthy of the game ball than others. Let's have a look and put it up to a vote once again:

Eli Manning--346 yards, 3 touchdowns, zero picks, a heads up fumble recovery and one huge momentum shifting pass to Victor Cruz in the fourth quarter. Eli finished with a QB rating of 136.7, and to be honest, it pisses me off when he's not even in the conversation for NFL MVP.

Victor Cruz--Well, duh. Six catches, 178 yards and a TD (and a ridiculous 29.7 yards per catch average) to add to his franchise record in yards for a season. NBC, NFL Network and others all wanted a piece of this guy before the game Sunday, and I imagine he will be even more in demand this week before the Atlanta game. What a great story.

Michael Boley--Seven tackles, two assists, and a potentially game-saving stop on fourth down in which he flew over the line and dragged Tony Romo down while in the air.

The D-Line--It's impossible to pick one guy over the other, because JPP, Tuck, Canty and Osi all contributed sacks and/or big plays.

Honorable mention to head coach Tom Coughlin and defensive coordinator Perry Fewell; and to Ahmad Bradshaw, Hakeem Nicks, Antrel Rolle and Jacquian Williams. Oh, and Henry Hynoski. I could do this all day.